This ISIS Hostage Revealed the HORRIFIC Torture She Endured

ISIS terrorists are understood to be brutal with their captives, but what happens to these hostages was horrible. Frida Saide, a Swedish female who happens to be a previous ISIS hostage that shared cells with Kayla Mueller is speaking publicly, sharing her experience as a hostage.

For those of you who are not knowledgeable about this terrorist group, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), additionally called ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), is a Sunni jihadist group with a specifically violent belief that calls itself a caliphate as well as asserts religious authority over all Muslims.

Saide likewise shared her issues for fellow detainee Kayla Mueller who was eventually eliminated by ISIS despite Saide’s pleas for her release.

Below is a passage from DailyMail records:

A Swedish aid worker who was held hostage in northern relived some of her darkest moments Thursday as she testified against one of her captors, El Shafee Elsheikh, a former British national who is accused of leading a kidnapping plot that resulted in the deaths of four Americans.

Nothing in her captivity nightmare horrified Frida Saide more than the day she was released in March 2014, when she pleaded with her captors to release Kayla Mueller, a 26-year-old American with whom she had shared a room for weeks.

Taking the stand at a federal courtroom in Alexandria, Virginia, Saide said the hostage-takers, a notoriously sadistic bunch captives dubbed the Beatles because of their British accents, told her she and her companions would need to raise the ransom to free Mueller.

Otherwise, they told her, Mueller would be tormented and die.’We sleep at night,’ Saide said they taunted her. ‘Will you be able to sleep at night, knowing that you have abandoned your friend?’The two-week trial has detailed the gruesome brutality inflicted on more than two dozen Western hostages held captive by the Islamic State roughly a decade ago, specifically the killings of US aid workers Mueller and Peter Kassig and journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff. Kassig, Foley, and Sotloff were beheaded by terrorists in videos distributed across the world in 2014.

Mueller was raped and tortured by Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi before she was killed in 2015.

The Gateway Pundit commented that the Obama gang not did anything to save Kayla Mueller that was hurt, vocally abused, pushed into slave labor for ISIS leaders in Syria, and raped by the team’s top leader. Kayla Mueller’s moms and dads described their anguish and disgust.

It had not been until President Trump came that they felt that they were heard. Regrettably, it was far too late. Their little girl was gone.

The outlet included that President Trump really did not forget Kayla, however. When it was time to get the ISIS leader, Kayla’s parents were informed of the event. They shared, “If Donald Trump was President when Kayla was captured, she’d be here today.”

Below is the Muellers’ presentation at the 2020 RNC. It was so moving to see and also it was challenging not to weep. God bless them.

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, Daily Mail 

H/T Patriot Nation Press

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