Luke Rosiak Teams Up With 'Clinton Cash' Author To Investigate Public Schools

Reporter Exposes the Insanity Within This Institution

Daily Wire reporter Luke Rosiak has teamed up with Peter Schweizer, the #1 bestselling author of Red-Handed and Clinton Cash, for a major investigation of public schools.

Rosiak, the reporter who broke the story of the rape of a teenage girl by the so-called ‘non-binary’ boy in a public school bathroom in Loudoun County, Virginia, is a fellow with Schweizer’s Government Accountability Institute (GAI) alongside his role as an investigative reporter for conservative news outlet The Daily Wire.

The arrangement between Rosiak and Schweizer brings together The Daily Wire — an outlet that has been leading the pack in unveiling problems in K-12 schools — and the Government Accountability Institute, one of the nation’s foremost investigative groups specializing in exposing special interests on both sides of the aisle.

The Government Accountability Institute has been behind many very important breakthroughs in the past. The group exposed congressional insider trading, which led to a law called the STOCK Act; it brought the Clinton Foundation’s influence-peddling into the public eye, and uncovered Hunter Biden’s overseas deals even before the 2020 election.

Schweizer’s most recent book is titled “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win.” The book details prominent Democrats’ and Republicans’ sweetheart deals with communist China.

The result of the two-year collaboration between Rosiak and Schweizer is the new book, “Race to the Bottom: Uncovering the Secret Forces Destroying American Public Education,” written by Rosiak with a foreword by Schweizer.

“My work as an investigative journalist involves sifting our nation’s political class for evidence of corruption,” said Schweizer. “What I have seen over my decades of work is that corruption is most likely to fester where no one is looking. What Luke has found is that some of the same forms of deception, self-­dealing, and corruption that I have seen in the halls of power are also occurring behind the friendly-­seeming facades of the schools in your town. He identifies systemic rot in an area that is, somehow, simultaneously omnipresent and remarkably under-scrutinized.”

According to reporting by The Daily Wire:

The project has been underway since late 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic and before teachers’ unions engaged the public by shutting down schools. The shutdown, however, inadvertently exposed what has since become known as Critical Race Theory because online classes let parents see, for the first time, what their children were actually being taught in schools.

GAI’s decision to begin an investigation into K-12 schools years ago shows that it was ahead of the curve again.

“Luke Rosiak’s exhaustive work in this book shows that while it might have been parents’ first glimpse of such issues, they did not appear in K–12 schools overnight. Through the stories of local school systems in different parts of the country—from inner cities to wealthy suburbs and rural areas—Luke shows readers how, for years, local K–12 school systems have been captured by a variety of special interests whose allegiance is to anything but the ‘three Rs,’” Schweizer said.

Books like this one are essential right now, as the fight to fix our schools is one of the most important battles we are currently fighting. Our children are our future, and allowing the left to indoctrinate them with lies, racism, and radical ideology in our public schools is something we cannot tolerate. Exposing their insanity is an important step in fixing these problems.

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