REPORT: Biden Anxious and Worried, Frail and Weak

Imperial Leader Joe Biden is “anxious” to find out where he stands with the Senate. He’s worried that the RINOs planted like sleeper cells in the Republican party won’t stand up for open borders globalism. A conviction will keep Donald Trump and his dreaded nationalism permanently out of the picture but his hold on the Senate is too weak. The leader so frail his dog sent him to the hospital spent the big decision day wandering the Imperial Palace grounds and holding Empress Jill’s hand for support.

Biden ‘anxious’ Friday morning

According to MSN reporting, on Friday, Imperial Leader Joe Biden said he was “anxious to see” how Republican senators will vote. He’s hoping that at least 17 disguised Democrats will stand up for open borders globalism and the New World Order. He’s not holding his breath though.

He knew going in that he only had five solid traitors to conservative principles in his pocket. Word inside the beltway is that he’s picked up a couple more RINOs ready to come out of the closet. That’s still far short of the number Imperialists need to convict.


Biden has no “plans” to call any of the “moderate” senators personally to lobby them for their support. He doesn’t want to out them as imperialists until they’re ready in this politically correct world we live in.

Now that his foot has healed from where he injured it playing with one of the family pets, His Wisdom guided Empress Jill on an “unannounced walk to the North Lawn of the White House.” He had ordered the palace slaves to spend the whole night laboring to assemble “a surprise Valentine’s Day display.”

When the press stuck a microphone in his face to ask about the Trump trial, Biden simply mused, “I’m just anxious to see what my Republican friends do, if they stand up.”


His Wisdom has been keeping a low profile since he usurped office and “commented only sparingly on the trial in recent days.” He won’t let himself get nailed down to a solid position on whether he “believes his predecessor should be convicted of inciting an insurrection at the Capitol.”

Some minds may be changed

Palace spokesunit Jenn Psaki has been ducking questions directly related to what conservatives call a Kangaroo Court during the daily press show. On Thursday, Biden sneaked in one quick soundbite, noting the slick, professionally produced video infomercial screened by the Senate might change a mind or two.

Especially the part that the media team worked in focused on “previously unseen footage of the attack, which revealed how close the pro-Trump rioters came to congressional lawmakers and staff.”

What the video that Biden likes so much does not show is how the barbarians were allowed access into the Capitol Building in the first place.

Nobody wants to discuss the possibility that the whole incident could have been a pre-planned “false-flag” intended primarily to give the forces of evil darkness the grounds they need to cancel Donald Trump and all his deplorable supporters at the same time.

As Imperial Leader Biden and Empress Jill stroll off for a romantic weekend at the palace, the House impeachment managers are resting their flawed and limping case.

Trump’s defense team will take the court and aren’t expected to keep wasting the Senator’s time any longer than necessary.

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