Police Across the Country Are Protecting The Groomers

Americans across the country have decided that they’ve had enough of drag queen story hour and other pride month events aimed at young children, and protests have been organized in multiple states to call out groomers. Police departments are increasingly intervening on behalf of the groomers, however, and protesters are being arrested for publicly objecting to these disturbing events, being accused of hate speech and having violent intentions.

Police arrest protesters at drag queen story hour

After conservatives protested at a “drag the kids to pride” gay bar for children in Texas, police elsewhere were waiting and ready to intercept galvanized conservatives who hoped to join the cause.

A group of men described as “alleged Proud Boys” were arrested at a California library on June 11 for protesting a drag queen story hour for children.

It’s no coincidence that these inexplicably popular events are being protected by the authorities; New York City has spent hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars to host drag queen events in public schools, and even the United States military has arranged drag queen events for families on bases.

These events are believed to be inherently predatory by many conservatives, but participating drag queens and organizers have also been arrested on sexual assault and child pornography charges.

Protests at these events would likely be even more common were it not for the fact that local police forces are determined to shut down public opposition.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, which arrested the men, vowed that there would be no tolerance for any future interruptions at drag queen story hours or other pride month events for children.

A warning to conservatives?

Members of a far-right group in Idaho were also rounded up and arrested for plans to protest at a Pride Parade, though no apparent crime had been committed.

In both cases the arrests appear to have been made on vague suspicions of impending violence and hate crimes. No one was physically hurt or threatened in either instance.

The apprehended protesters may or may not be charged, but the arrests alone will serve as a warning to others planning to publicly oppose “family friendly” drag queen and pride month events.

An individual may not be charged for exercising their freedom of speech at these events, but they can certainly be arrested and identified on social media, which could easily cost them their livelihoods.

Most Americans would likely agree that subjecting children to sexualized pride performances is wrong, and certainly most conservatives would agree.

If the police are waiting to protect each drag queen story hour, however, ordinary Americans are led to believe that voicing their concerns would be somehow illegal or dangerous.

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