She’s Been FIRED! Things Continue to Worsen

The Ron DeSantis presidential campaign made a major shake-up this week.

Generra Peck, the current campaign manager, will be replaced with James Uthmeier.

Uthmeier is the governor’s long-time chief of staff and he has no prior experience leading a political campaign.

He will be advised by Peck during the transition while former pro-DeSantis super PAC Never Back Down member David Polyansky will come in as deputy campaign manager.

Despite lacking political experience, Uthmeier and Polyansky are expected to help DeSantis win against former President Donald Trump in the polls.

James Uthmeier is close friend and colleague of Governor Ron DeSantis and his longtime chief of staff.

According to Generra Peck, “James is loyal, honest, and a true believer in the conservative principles that Governor DeSantis fights for.”

A senior aide to DeSantis also downplayed his lack of experience saying he has what it takes to go up against Trump’s formidable operation.

Furthermore, despite stumbling out of the gate earlier this year, polls still show him as closest challenger to Trump’s popularity among voters so far.

Uthmeier believes that past achievements prove how well prepared they are for any challenge ahead including their upcoming debate against Trump later this month at Milwaukee.

In an interview with The Messenger, he said “People have written Governor DeSantis’s obituary many times,” pointing out his victories over Adam Putnam and Andrew Gillum in 2018 as well as Charlie Crist in 2022 as proof that he knows how to win elections.

They seem well funded too with $100 million already stashed away for their super PAC which they plan on using to run their ground game operations across multiple states leading up to election day next year.

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