Outrageous Mistake: Doctors Perform Procedure Without Knowing Patient Was Carrying Unborn Baby

In a shocking case from Australia, an unborn baby was tragically killed during a sex change procedure in Melbourne. Jesse Pohlner, who now identifies as male, had her uterus and ovaries removed without any knowledge that she was pregnant.

Pohlner expressed her outrage at the hospital’s negligence in not performing a pregnancy test before surgery.

She said “I thought I was having reflux and it turned out that it was morning sickness” but there were no signs of pregnancy prior to the hysterectomy.

She told reporters “there was no pregnancy test performed” before her procedure.

“I would call it hospital negligence, their policy was to blame. The policy let my doctors down, they couldn’t perform their best work,” Pohler added.

The nine-hour surgery with a one-week stay in intensive care could have been avoided if the hospital had followed its own policy of requiring pre-operative blood tests. Unfortunately, this tragedy is not unique and highlights the need for medical providers to be more diligent regarding patient safety.

In 2020, Royal Women’s Hospital changed its policy so that patients must take a blood test before undergoing surgeries such as a hysterectomy or a more advanced sex change procedure. This will help ensure that similar tragedies are avoided in the future.

Although this incident is tragic and heartbreaking, we can take solace in knowing that steps are being taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

However, it is the responsibility of the people to hold medical professionals accountable for their mistakes and ensure they are following proper protocols at all times when caring for vulnerable patients like Jesse Pohlner.

We must also remember that Pohlner is not the only victim in this tragic case; the life of her unborn child was taken by medical professionals without any thought or foreknowledge of the mother. Worldwide the medical industry has changed from one that has the utmost respect for life to one that will indiscriminately extinguish life at every chance.

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