Look At What This School Is Doing To Actually Protect Our Kids

The Madison County School District in North Carolina has put an AR-15 in a safe in every school in the county! This is so the guns can be accessed in case of an attack as a defense for the classroom.

Mass shootings are a hot topic across the US, especially in the public school system, as we saw earlier this year at a school in Uvalde, Texas. The shooting incident left 19 children and two teachers dead.

According to a report by USA Today, Madison County Sheriff Buddy Harwood pushed for the AR-15s following the Texas attack. He made it clear that he did not want evil people to be able to enter the school, and hole up in a classroom, with officers powerless to act.

“Hopefully we’ll never need it, but I want my guys to be as prepared as prepared can be,”  said Harwood.

Madison County has six schools in the district, in the proposal for increased security each school will have emergency safes.

In an interview with ‘Asheville Citizen Times’ Harwood said:

“We were able to put an AR-15 rifle and safe in all of our schools in the county. We’ve also got breaching tools to go into those safes. We’ve got extra magazines with ammo in those safes.”

“The reason we put the breaching tools in the safes is that in the event we have someone barricaded in a door, we won’t have to wait on the fire department to get there,” Harwood said. “We’ll have those tools to be able to breach that door if needed. I do not want to have to run back out to the car to grab an AR, because that’s time lost. Hopefully, we’ll never need it, but I want my guys to be as prepared as prepared can be.”

Harwood admits that storing rifles in schools is not ideal, but believes it’s necessary given what seems to be an increase in school shootings around the country.

“I want the parents of Madison County to know we’re going to take every measure necessary to ensure our kids are safe in this school system,” Harwood said.

The Daily Wire noted:

The county’s decision stems from police failures during the May 24 Robb Elementary School mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where a lone gunman murdered 19 children and two adults. Law enforcement officers waited in the hallway outside the classroom for over an hour after the shooter began killing elementary-aged children at Robb Elementary. One of the first excuses given by police for their hesitation after arriving on scene was that they were ill-equipped to engage the shooter and needed backup.

“Those officers were in that building for so long, and that suspect was able to infiltrate that building and injure and kill so many kids,” Harwood said of the Uvalde massacre. “I just want to make sure my deputies are prepared in the event that happens.”

If this strategy works, it could be the path forward for securing schools for the safety of our children.

Sources: DailyWire, USA Today,  Asheville Citizen-Times


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