Look At This Distasteful Marines’ Post Get ROASTED

The United States Marines have a well-earned reputation as a no-nonsense force that knows how to get things done. Or at least they had that reputation. The new woke Marines are celebrating Pride Month, and the official USMC Twitter account posted an image of a helmet with a rainbow of six bullets as it lauded its commitment to LGBTQ pride. The post has sparked an exceptional backlash among the flood of corporate and government Pride Month statements released for the beginning of June.

Woke post attacked from both sides

Replies to the post prove that it is equally repulsive to both the right and the far left, though for very different reasons as one would expect.

Conservatives have expressed no shortage of disgust in response to woke performances from other branches, but the Marines have generally avoided much of the controversy.

With the Army, Navy, and Air Force receiving most of the backlash for their woke pandering, the Marines evidently intend to take this June as an opportunity to catch up.

Celebrating diversity and inclusion in a force that is intended to win wars seems like a needless distraction at best and counterproductive at worst to many conservatives.

For the far left the display is offensive as it attaches their imagery and ideology to the United States military, which they view as a destructive and destabilizing force.

Celebrating LGBTQ pride and military force in the same post strikes both left and right as distasteful and as an abuse of symbolism that they otherwise value.

Marines celebrate LGBTQ pride

Arguably the post actually does convey something truthful in its use of imagery, though this certainly was not the intention behind the Marines choosing to publicly celebrate Pride Month.

Making the bullets gay presumably seemed very clever to the social media manger who came up with the idea, but final product is anything but subtle in pushing its unintended message.

The post implies that the government is willing to use violence to force the woke ideology on those who are less enthusiastic about neoliberalism.

The idea of the Marines being prepared to force dissenters to specify their preferred pronouns or fly rainbow flags seems far-fetched, but their Twitter account is effectively suggesting that possibility.

U.S. Embassies abroad are also happy to ostentatiously fly the rainbow flag each June, something that America’s adversaries have not failed to notice and use in their own propaganda.

Responses to the Marines expressed related concerns about what effect the latest LGBTQ pride initiative would have on forces hostile to the United States and its military.

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