Libs Hit Whole New Low, They’re DESPERATE

Democrats may struggle at times to rally religious support for their social agenda, but the Satanists are fully on board and are calling on liberals to join their ranks and protect their abortion rights. The Satanic Temple is recruiting supporters of abortion by calling on them to join the demonic cult and claim an exemption from the law by declaring that abortion is a Satanic ritual. The pro-life movement can thank them for finally dropping the façade and admitting it.

“Ironic” demon worship gains popularity

The Satanist organization is militantly opposed to Christianity, but they maintain that their worship of Satan and Baphomet is all an ironic satire.

Is there is any boundary between ironic Satan worship and regular old Satan worship? These people claim there is, and they hope that Democrats will not be scared away by a bit of demonic imagery in 2022.

They might be right; in the aftermath of the leaked opinion from Justice Samuel Alito revealing that the Supreme Court has voted to overturn Roe v. Wade, liberals on social media turned to the Satanists as an answer to the coming statewide bans.

The organization claims that it must be exempt from abortion bans because abortion is an essential Satanic ritual and restricting their access to it would be violating their religious freedom.

This, of course, should not hold up in court; simply declaring that your religion suddenly exempts you from the law does not give you the Constitutional right to do whatever you want.

Still, some Democrats are apparently falling for it and the organization claims it has gained more than 20,000 new members since the Roe v. Wade leak emerged.

Purely ironic

Satanists claim abortion as a religious ritual

The Satanists and their new recruits believe that the organization is a nontheistic activist organization. As they themselves say they are not sincere, their abortion demands are likely to be thrown out.

Still, a cult declaring that abortion is a religious ritual should be deeply disturbing to everyone else. Democrats who still claim to have reasonable arguments for abortion ought to be uncomfortable with this kind of language.

The Satanic Temple is effectively declaring that it intends to make abortion a  literal Satanic blood sacrifice (all ironic of course) and thousands of pro-abortion leftists are not instantly put off by it.

Justice Alito’s argument against Roe v. Wade points out that the Founding Fathers had no intention of enshrining rights to abortion or gay marriage in the Constitution.

When they established freedom of religion they also surely did not intend for that to be used to create exemptions from the law for Satanic abortion rituals.

A good policy generally would be to see where your local Satanic cult stands on an issue and then choose the opposite side, but for thousands of Democrats in 2022 abortion access has become important enough to override any lingering Daemonophobia.

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