Dear Leftist LOSERS, a Judges Ringtone Will Not Change Things GTFO

According to the leftist Twitterati, a public servant cannot have a deep and abiding love for their nation without also being ‘biased’. That’s what the left shrieked in near unison on November 10th. Judge Bruce Schroeder of Kenosha, Wisconsin lit the world of social media aflame, when during the proceedings of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, his phone leaped to life with the first few bars of  Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.” issuing forth, evidently his honor’s ringtone. While many shrugged off the popular patriotic anthem and paid more attention to the prosecution being thoroughly shellacked for their attempts to introduce algorithmically altered photographs as evidence, instead the left switched to a tactic they’ve been more successful with: screaming bias and playing the victim.

Sure enough, almost exactly on schedule, left-leaning journos on Twitter like Aaron Rupar characterized the song as ” literally Trump’s rally theme song.” despite it coming to prominence post 9/11 over a decade and a  half before Trump descended the escalator and painted it as a sign that Judge Schroeder is biased in Rittenhouse’s favor.

Leftist Journos Cry “Bias” Describe Conservative Conspiracy

Jason Miciak writing for PoliticusUSA seemed to tentatively follow suit, “The words to the song are politically neutral, but every American knows that it has become the anthem of the Right. One will almost never it played at a Democratic campaign function, and one cannot avoid it at a Republican-MAGA event, especially a Trump rally. So the phone rings, it plays a snippet of Trump’s campaign anthem, and – while ringing, the phone happened to be sitting on the judge’s bench desk, right near his microphone.” Miciak went on to suggest an inherent bias in Judge Schroeder as well suggesting unbelievably that the judge may have been deliberately ‘sending a message’.

“We don’t even know why a judge would pick what has become a polarizing song as his ringtone.. We only know it happened and it is yet another ominous sign for a prosecution that was fighting uphill from the beginning..What if it was a message?”

Disturbingly there are many in the media and on the left (but I repeat myself) who are bound and determined to undermine the credibility of the Rittenhouse trial to all but ensure that if a not-guilty verdict is reached, more rioting and violence will follow. It is truly shameful.

However, the response from Twitter users from the center and right are on-point:


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