Kamala MURDER Scandal Revealed

Before Kamala Harris slept her way into politics, she was a prosecutor in San Francisco, California and now she is embroiled in a murder related scandal.  

Murder in a Sanctuary City

During her time at that position, she could have deported Edwin Ramos after police officers detained him in notorious California.

Harris refused to prosecute him and through this illegal alien Ramos was able to stay in the United States.  


Reports show that Ramos was a member of the MS-13 gang and ended up murdering three innocent people. The lives he took belonged to a father and his two sons, Breitbart reported.

On June 22, 2008, 48-year-old Anthony Bologna and his three sons — 20-year-old Michael, 18-year-old Andrew, and 16-year-old Matthew were on their way back home from a family gathering.


Gang-Related Crime

Prosecutors argued that Ramos shot the family because he misidentified them and thought they were rival gang members.

The illegal alien had been previously arrested and convicted several times for different violent crimes. But because of San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy, it never allowed for Ramos to be sent to federal immigration officials.

That was when the illegal alien drove up alongside them and open fire which ended in a random brutal murder.

In another sick game, the widow and mother who was grieving the loss of her family who was unnecessarily murdered asked Harris to seek the death penalty – which she ultimately declined to do.

Bologna said:

“Seeking the death penalty, this will make a statement so people won’t just kill families for no reason,” said Bologna, who is left to raise a son and daughter on her own. “They have the power to stop this. They have to stop with the excuses — this is not her family, this is my family.” [Emphasis added]

Violence in the city, Bologna said, “has gone too far. Nothing is getting done. Why did we put her here, if she is not going to stop this? This is huge. I have lost a husband and two kids.” [Emphasis added]

Lying Harris Will Do Anything to Get In

Before she was elected as attorney general, Harris said she would enforce capital punishment and defended the death penalty in 2014.

However, as soon changed once she was elected into the senate, she suddenly opposed the death penalty.

The corrupt politician, who is Joe Biden’s running mate is still in full support of sanctuary cities.

  1. Lying Harris has been and always will be a pathological liar…
    She will NEVER stop lying to the public as long as she thinks it will gain her some points….
    To think this mentally defective socialpath, Harris, would one step away from the presedency with Old Biden in thr drivers seat, it trully frighting…..
    May God watch over our country and I pry for our Nov. elections for President Trump….

  2. la camaliona she is nothing but a bag of garbage and you people go to GTV video and you will see biden son how corrupt and trash they are I hope that hunter’s dougther will see some of those videos of her father

  3. Is this the kind of person we want for Vice President she just like Joe was when he was Vice President and you are hearing of him and his son Hunter what they were doing and it will continue if they were elected God forbid Period

  4. This is the POS we will have in the White House once Bumbling Biden, and Kamel-Toe Harris move in. Let’s hope the Supreme Court recognizes the fraud committed by the Democrats and install trump as the rightful POTUS

  5. This POS and Bumbling Biden are the Democrat’s ideas of a leader. They are just the tip of the corrupt iceberg, and this country will go straight downhill from here. Let’s hope the Supreme Court recognizes the rampant fraud, and voter intimidation perpetrated by the Democrats, and they install Trump as POTUS, by defalt.

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