Kamala Harris Slips Up, Accidentally Leaks Democrats Agenda

It doesn’t take long before top Democrats, specifically Kamala Harris, slip up and reveal their radical agenda to restructure the United States of America.

Harris Hopes for Radical Change

Recently becoming Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden’s running mate, Harris is hopeful to take the 2020 presidential election victory.

While the right believes Democrats are arguably wrong about most things, it appears Harris was right when she told Essence that it is “the most important election of our lifetime.”

The foundational principles America was built upon are under attack by the Democrat Party and they are no longer trying to pretend otherwise.

“There’s no question that we need immediate change and drastic change and that’s so much of what the Biden-Harris platform and what the Biden-Harris administration will be about,” Harris said.

“It’s about saying, we need to immediately address a number of issues that demand priority and immediate attention. And that relates to getting people back to work. It means investing in infrastructure and creating millions of new jobs. It means fighting for healthcare for all people.”

Crystal Clear Progressive Agenda on the Way

The media is so intent on painting the presumptive Democratic vice presidential nominee as a moderate, however, her own words show that to be a laughable narrative.

On his show “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Mark Levin gave a strong warning to his listeners on Sunday concerning this matter.

She is farther left than 97 % of the Democrats in the United States Senate. She is left of avowed Marxist Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders. She’s not moderate. She’s not a pragmatist like The New York Times,” he stated.

Her extreme progressive views are on full view, but the media still attempts to push her as having a moderate Democrat position and demeanor.

Harris “rejects a physical wall on the Southern border. She compared the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service… to the Ku Klux Klan,” said Levin.

“She believes in government-run health care for illegal aliens. Imagine what that will do to health care. She believes in the elimination of private health care…that means one hundred and sixty million people would lose their health care,” he continued.

“She wants to eventually eliminate in short order coal, oil, natural gas, all fossil fuels and eliminate fracking,” he continued. “She wants to repeal the president’s tax cuts for the middle class. She wants to massively increase taxes on all Americans,” he said. “She supports infanticide and even more, she believes you, the American taxpayer, regardless of your religion, regardless of your moral views, that you should pay for it.”

President Trump Stands Between Us and the Dem’s Radical Agenda

President Donald Trump is the only thing standing between the future of free America and the agenda of the left who want to dismantle liberty and justice for all.

  1. Everyone knows the Democraps plan for America already DESTROY IT. They want to turn it to their Idea of a Socialist and Communist utopia. That WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER that fills their otherwise empty skulls won’t allow them to see the TRUTH. They can’t look at Venezuela or the old USSR and see that such systems DON’T work. Their WILLFUL LIBERAL IGNORANCE prevents them from having anything to do with TRUTH. Were Democraps to say or do anything TRUTHFULLY the resulting Explosion would wipe out everything in the Western Hemisphere down to the subatomic level. Half the earth would be gone.

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