Joe Biden Launches Incoherent Rant... Can You Understand WTF He Said

Joe Biden Launches Incoherent Rant… Can You Understand WTF He Said

There’s no hiding it anymore, no matter how hard the leftist media tries: Joe Biden is deteriorating before our eyes. During his national address on January 13th, Biden launched into an incoherent rant, confusing millions of Americans as he stumbled over his words.

No one — not even Joe Biden himself — knows what he is trying to say anymore. While trying to talk about the Omicron variant and “the next steps we’re taking” during a live national address, the former vice president launched into yet another incoherent rant, babbling about literally nothing.

His rambling used to be funny, now it’s just sad, and frankly, embarrassing for the United States as a whole. Not having a competent leader makes the country the laughingstock of the world.

“Now, I don’t like to… uh, you know, aah… Outline the next steps we’re taking… Against, I’d like to outline the next steps we’re taking, uh, we’re uh, the Oval… the Omicron,” Biden said. shared the video on Twitter, with a simple caption that sums up exactly what most Americans are thinking when they listen to the video: “???”

Many people responded to the video on Twitter.

“This is now elder abuse. Please make the call,” one Twitter user wrote, possibly sarcastically, while sharing the contact information for the Delaware Elder Abuse Reporting Hotline.

Another Twitter user seemed to agree with him, writing: “Biden may be a piece of human garbage, but his wife and family that are allowing this to go on just for the sake of status are committing the worst kind of elder abuse. F*cking disgraceful.”

Another Twitter user, referencing a recent Quinnipiac University poll in which 33% of Americans approved of Joe Biden’s handling of the presidency, wrote: “33% approve? Do they read at his level too?”

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