Here is the Scoop on The New AG – Jeff Rosen

With the sudden shake up at the Department of Injustice this week, Americans are wondering who will take over for William Barr? Second in command Jeff Rosen got a battlefield promotion so here’s the scoop on our new Acting Attorney General.

Introducing Acting AG Jeff Rosen

Next week, Jeffrey Rosen will be taking over as acting attorney general. He’s been described by CNN as “an unknown quantity in Trump White House politics,” which means they don’t have anything nasty to say about him yet.

“Barr has held the stage the entire time.” They don’t know how much of a role he had “in so many of the key decisions,” Julie Rodin Zebrak opines. She’s a Democratic political consultant. “We don’t really know a ton about him.”

What they do know about Rosen is that for more than a year he has quietly been serving as deputy attorney general and “counsel” to William Barr. Patriotic Americans were disappointed to learn that Barr appears to have been compromised by the Deep State.

He turned in a formal resignation letter yesterday, planning to clean out his desk before everyone heads out for the Christmas holiday on December 23.

It was no secret that if Barr didn’t fall on his sword, his head was about to be on a plate for covering up an almost two year investigation into Hunter Biden. Also there are possible criminal ties to Joe Biden and various contentious countries like China, Russia, and Ukraine.

To top it off, Barr had the brass marbles to declare “no evidence of widespread voter fraud.” It seems that the Department of Injustice can’t find real criminal evidence, only manufacture fake evidence to use it in a plot against Donald Trump. Only time will tell which side Jeffrey Rosen is on.

A former corporate lawyer

According to a co-worker willing to chat with CNN, Our new AG made a name for himself as a corporate lawyer and during his tenure at the DOJ has been a key player in heavy duty corporate litigation, “playing a central role opposite opioid makers and the tech community.”

He doesn’t like to stick his neck out on political issues. “He’s not the type who likes to make decisions. Barr is all fire and fury. Rosen does things for the right reasons.” Another official added, he is “quiet, but strong.”

Described as “a litigator behind the scenes,” he has a “deliberative approach” which “stems from his decades in private practice handling complex litigation for companies.”

Rosen took the lead role on “major actions by the Justice Department, including the antitrust lawsuit against Google and the criminal plea deal with OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma.” The Google case is still moving through the courts. When it was first announced back in October, He told reporters that “nothing is off the table” when it came to consequences.

Moving forward Rosen is expected to face pressure from all sides with an ongoing election fraud investigation as well as lots of unanswered Obamagate questions. On the way out the door, Barr noted in his resignation letter that the election fraud allegations “will continue to be pursued.”

President Trump is also pushing hard for someone to do something about the Biden crime family. The Federal Bureau of Instigation, which answers to the DOJ, has been sitting on Hunter Biden’s laptop for at least a year.

Everybody knows it contains hard and verifiable evidence that Hunter Biden was illegally selling access to Joe Biden and Joe was taking half the money for his cut. And he thinks that American patriots who defend the Constitution would actually allow him to move into the White House.

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  1. We will see if the man has stones or not. President Declare Martial Law or the 2nd American Civil War will begin with no place for official Traitors can hide.

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