Woman Gets Pregnant Twice in Three Weeks, But How?

I think we can all agree that there are some pretty crazy medical mysteries out there in the world. And it looks like another one has just surfaced, as an Australian woman was somehow able to get pregnant twice in less than three weeks.

But I’m sure you’re wondering: how is that possible?

The miracle of life is something that we often take for granted. For one Australian couple, however, their experience with life was one that will never forget.

Sandra and David Searle were shocked when they became pregnant twice within the span of three weeks; a rare phenomenon known as superfetation.

This story proves that anything is possible if you have faith and are willing to do the work to make it happen.

Sandra and David Searle had previously gone through IVF to conceive two children before being faced with another surprise pregnancy 18 days after the successful implantation of an embryo via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The natural conception was quite unexpected due to David’s testicular cancer diagnosis years prior which made natural conception unlikely.

Despite this prognosis, his remission allowed them to conceive again naturally against all odds. Both babies were born in April of this year; a daughter named Poppy and a son called Michael who was born prematurely due to Poppy’s earlier conception date making her larger than her brother at birth.

Sarah’s doctor told ABC News that her double pregnancy was truly a “medical miracle”. These types of occurrences are extremely rare documented only 10 times across the globe according to West Australia reports making it even more special for this family who were able to witness such an incredible event firsthand.

The Searles’ shared their joy with PerthNow saying it was a “very welcome surprise” from David despite his previous prognosis making it particularly uplifting not only for him but for everyone involved in this miraculous journey.

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