House of Horrors: What These Criminals Were Hiding Inside This Trailer Held the Sickest Secrets

Authorities arrested seven people after making a frightening discovery inside a feces-covered trailer in Florida. For over a year, this trailer turned house of horrors held the sickest secrets, but now the truth has finally been exposed.

Mark Earl Dennis (52), Andrew Barry Dennis (45), Michael Ray Blasdel (36), J.R. Gauthier (29), Eleanor Faye McGlamory (56), Michael Wayne Schwartz (51), and Curtis Lee Gruwell (34) were all arrested after police discovered they had been hiding something sinister in a squalid trailer at the Silver Lake Mobile Home Community in St. Petersburg.

After investigating the disappearance of a missing out-of-state teen, Louisiana authorities alerted Florida police that he may have been lured to St. Petersburg using an online app. Upon search and rescue, not only was the 17-year-old found but so was another 16-year-old boy who had gone missing from Marion County nearly a year before.

Initially Mark Dennis claimed that the 16-year old was his son however it soon became clear what horrific truth lay beneath this case – that the teen had been promised a better life yet instead he was living on “a small mattress surrounded by animal cages and feces” as reported by Daily Mail UK.

Sadly, this gets even worse as it became known that he had been repeatedly sexually abused by this group of men for an entire year becoming their underage sex slave.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody expressed her distress upon hearing these facts stating “As a mother I cannot begin to stress how disturbing the facts of this case are for me… Instead [of being offered a better life] he was moved into a filthy trailer and used as a slave for nearly an year”.

It turns out 56 year old Eleanor McGlamory helped introduce him to Mark and Andrew Dennis who along with Gruwell, Schwartz and their associates Blasdel and Gauthier began subjecting him to sadomasochism acts while also making sure he didn’t try to escape or contact his family – going so far as giving him an entirely new identity.

In addition to facing charges of conspiracy to commit human trafficking and interference with custody, the Dennises, Blasdel and Gauthier face charges of sexual battery against children under 16 years of age as well meaning they will be facing major jail time if convicted.

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