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State Set to Roll Out New Shocking Punishment For Sex Offenders

By passing this law, the state of Alabama made an impactful statement that child sexual abuse and exploitation will not be tolerated. And it’s something a lot of people think other states should follow as well.

The state legislature passed a bill requiring offenders over the age of 21 to undergo chemical castration before being released back into society. This measure is sure to make potential predators think twice about committing such a heinous crime against innocent children.

In an effort to protect the youth of Alabama, Republican Representative Steve Hurst introduced this bill in hopes of deterring would-be criminals from taking advantage of children. Hurst believes that the punishment should fit the crime, and it’s clear why he chose chemical castration as a measure for those convicted of sex crimes against minors under thirteen years old.

While some people believe this punishment may be too harsh, this strict law could potentially save vulnerable children from becoming victims in the future.

Although most people support this imitative, some argue there could be better ways to go about it because it doesn’t address the deeper psychological problem that motivates predators to target children in the first place. State Rep Juandallynn Givan believes you have to deal with what makes them do what they do which is why counseling or alternative therapies should also be considered as viable solutions for addressing these issues.

However, identifying people at risk can be difficult so using chemical castration as one solution is seen as beneficial for public safety.

State Rep Allen Treadaway was in favor of this law, stating “Any action that we can take against a child molester that would prevent them from ever committing this type of crime again, I support including chemical castration.”

To ensure public safety, the Alabama Department of Public Health will be responsible for administering these treatments one month prior to release date and continuing until further notice by court order.

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