Mayorkas CHARGED… He’s Going Down!

DHS Secretary Mayorkas was the subject of a recent congressional investigation.

The report was not flattering, to say the least.

In fact, the GOP is pointing the finger at Mayorkas for the “devastating human costs” this border crisis has created.

The only question that remains is if, with a Democrat Senate, he will be held accountable.

The Report

The report went into detail on all aspects of the border crisis.

It covered loss of life, drug, and terrorist threats, not to mention the blatant disregard for our border laws.

In part, it stated, “These devastating human costs fall squarely on Mayorkas’ shoulders, and no amount of excuse making, blame-shifting, or political prevaricating can change that fact.”

I have the full report available at the bottom of this page.

DHS responded, “DHS has launched unprecedented campaigns, working with our allies, deploying new high-tech solutions, and leading investigations that are cracking down on criminal smuggling networks.”

Fox News also published a report regarding nefarious actors at the border and the sinking morale among Border Patrol agents.

DHS again responded, “This Administration has secured historic levels of funding that include the first increase in hiring for the U.S. Border Patrol in a decade and new resources across the Department for employee mental health and well-being.

“The best way to support personnel handling historic levels of migration is for Congress to pass the Biden-Harris administration’s proposal to fully fund our work, invest in new technologies, and finally fix our broken immigration system.”

The DHS response is nothing more than words because Border Patrol agents have been very open about the fact they did not sign up to be clerks.

They signed up to protect our borders and fight bad guys trying to smuggle drugs and weapons into the United States.

Now, they are serving as processers and transportation agents for people who knowingly break our laws.

Rep. Mark Green (R-FL) stated, “This self-inflicted crisis has exacted a terrible human cost all across our country.

“Since Secretary Mayorkas took office, we’ve watched in horror as fentanyl has increasingly spread into our communities, criminal illegal aliens have poured across the border, and law enforcement has been completely overwhelmed.

“Meanwhile, tens of thousands of vulnerable people, including children, have been trafficked or smuggled across the border by the cartels into forced labor, the sex trade, and other horrific situations.”

Just remember, there were Republican senators who confirmed Mayorkas’ appointment, so I think it is about time we start to hold them accountable as well for not properly vetting these appointments.

Source: House Homeland Security Report

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