GROSS! Good Luck Shopping Here Again Anytime Soon

Many employees have horror stories of where they worked but Reddit commenters will have you second guessing your shopping experience at this thrift store chain.

Goodwill has always been a popular destination for thrift shoppers. Many have found wonderful and unique items in these shops. But Goodwill employees have sparked an internet fury after confirming a secret that we all suspected but never wanted to know.

On the Social Media site Reddit, threads of employee experiences with some of the most famous shopping or food chains can be found where staff really spill the tea on what happens behind closed doors. Workers from places like Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and McDonald’s recounted awful working experiences on the website, but those spilling the tea about Goodwill top them all.

The post about “your worst job experience” received more than 81,000 upvotes, and has collected tens of thousands of replies from people in all types of professions. Those commenting were more than willing to share insightful, juicy, and surprising secrets about their jobs.

One Goodwill employee shared the disgusting secret we all feared about how the store handles its donations.

“At Goodwill, we don’t clean anything that we sell, and we get some really gross stuff that touches everything else,” they revealed. “So next time you buy something from Goodwill, wash it well.”

Not just one employee confirmed this either. Dozens of former Goodwill employees confirmed the unsanitary conditions inside the store. One former employee confirmed by commenting: “I used To work At Goodwill, you are 200% correct.”

More Goodwill Employees continued to confirm our worst fears:

  • “Even before COVID, I’d always feel so gross after leaving there, I’d wash my hands immediately.”
  • “Sorry to ruin everyone’s day, but the last time I was at a thrift store, I found some sweet yoga pants… but the crotch was crusty.”
  • “Oh god! You reminded me! Why! So I thought everything was washed before. Once tried on pants. It was only after that I realized that the owner DID NOT WEAR UNDERWEAR! It was disgusting. Either they wore the pants for a week straight, or they really need to visit a doctor.”
  • “Goodwill? I wash any and all clothes that I buy before I ever wear them. Warehouses and people are nasty. Goodwill is just normal in this regard.”
  • “Washing twice makes it nice. Most times, you have to anyway because the water from the first load… you’ll see when you try it.”
  • “I mean yeah, you should wash any clothes you buy before you wear it. Doesn’t matter if it’s from Goodwill or the most expensive clothing store on the face of the earth; assume it’s come into contact with something or someone nasty and or disgusting and wash it.”
  • “I have a friend who volunteered at Goodwill for a year. She said that she had never seen so much cleaning being done ever. Thanks to the elderly ladies that also volunteered there. Everything was squeaky clean at all times.”

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