‘Hottest Mom In The World’ Booted From Dating App Because People Think She’s FAKE

Joleen Diaz, a high school teacher from Guam, has become quite the sensation on social media.

After her daughter posted a video of her in 2020, she was quickly dubbed the “hottest mom in the world” by many.

Despite being unable to find love due to her age and false claims of being 40 on dating apps, Joleen is still content with how it all turned out.

Joleen Diaz became an internet sensation after her daughter Meilani posted a video of her on TikTok that made her go viral and gain 500K followers on Instagram.

After gaining so much attention from this post, Joleen commented that “It actually started [when] my daughter posted this social media video that all the kids were doing about hot moms”.

While Meilani was just as surprised as everyone else at their newfound fame online, they both have been enjoying the results since then.

Sadly for Joleen Diaz, finding true love hasn’t been easy due to some complications with dating apps like Hinge where she had falsely claimed to be in her 40s and ended up getting banned from there.

Her social media presence doesn’t help either when it comes to meeting people because “I think people think I’m a fake account and report me”.

Even though she often receives messages from younger men which she’s not interested she is still looking for someone who meets certain requirements such as ambitiousness and motivation while also being confident and outgoing too.

Furthermore, Meilani also tags along sometimes during romantic adventures when both mother and daughter are seeing people which helps them both judge prospective mates better.

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