Grandpa Witnesses Bandit Attacking Woman, Delivers Epic Dose of Justice

This story serves as the perfect example of why you shouldn’t mess with Texas. Unfortunately, this armed bandit learned his lesson the hard way when he tried attacking a woman in broad daylight…and a grandfather jumped right into action to deliver justice.

The Houston Police Department reported an incident where a young woman was attacked by an armed robber in broad daylight. But the criminal didn’t expect a hero to intervene and thwart his plans: a grandfather of 11 from the local area named Simon Mancilla Sr.

It happened at around 12:30 p.m., as the victim returned to her car near a check-cashing business. The suspect had followed her and pulled out his gun demanding she hand over her keys.

He proceeded to choke her, when suddenly Mancilla rolled up in his truck and quickly assessed the situation that this woman needed help desperately.

Mancilla yelled at the criminal not to make a problem, which caused him to turn his attention towards him instead of continuing with his attack on the young lady. He yanked Mancilla out of his truck and climbed inside himself, preparing for a getaway. However, despite being unarmed, Mancilla threw open the door and started pulling the man out of the vehicle while he repeatedly beat him with his pistol on his head.

Two other bystanders also jumped into help too but by then Mancilla’s eyes were full of blood so he couldn’t see anyone else coming in for assistance or even recognize them if they did arrive.

Nevertheless, thanks to all their combined efforts, they stopped the thief from getting away with what he originally intended and thankfully ensured that no one got hurt during this ordeal either – including themselves. Despite losing his own car in this battle of bravery, it turns out that chances are low for victims like this getting back their vehicles since only 14% of carjackings reportedly end up resulting in arrests according to records kept by The Blaze.

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