Giant Wave of Harris Aides Leave The Already Sinking Ship

Kamala Harris continues to lose high-ranking aides at an exceptional rate; the latest departure is deputy chief of staff Michael Fuchs, who has agreed to stick around until May to “ensure a smooth transition” for his successor. Fuchs worked for the Clinton and Obama administrations previously and was one of Harris’s most important advisors on both domestic and foreign policy issues. National Security Adviser Nancy McEldowney is also leaving, having announced her departure in late March.

Staffers face unpleasant conditions, absent leadership

The White House has tried to downplay the exodus of key Harris aides and staffers, but even sympathetic media has begun to acknowledge a noticeable trend.

White House departures are common in most administrations as the work is often stressful and former staffers can easily find higher paying jobs elsewhere.

The string of resignations from the Harris office goes beyond this typical staff turnover, and looks more like a desire to escape a sinking ship.

Twelve prominent Harris aides have left amid reports of a chaotic and badly mismanaged vice presidential office and a feud with President Biden’s staff.

Staffers are allegedly frustrated with Harris’s absent leadership and the White House’s habit of thrusting unpleasant work on the vice president’s office.

With Biden’s approval ratings already struggling there is apparently little interest in rescuing Harris, who has become exceptionally unpopular during her time in office.

Harris aides deserting

The turmoil in the Harris office is further evidence that the vice president is no longer Biden’s intended successor, as was presumably the plan when she was initially chosen from the field of other candidates.

Biden aides are evidently willing to sacrifice Harris to save the president from being linked too directly to looming disasters like the border crisis, which Harris is ostensibly playing a leading role in handling.

Harris is very aware of her abysmal approval ratings and of the fact that her role as heir apparent is slipping away, if it hasn’t already.

For her aides and staffers she was already a less-than-ideal boss; as she botches more responses and loses more popularity the momentum will only increase.

Being employed by the vice president is a spectacular item for any resume, but sticking around through a looming disaster simply isn’t worth it once that prestige has already been extracted from the role.

There is something self-fulfilling about the turmoil in the Harris camp. As it becomes unavoidably public knowledge there will only be more enthusiasm for finding new jobs before it gets any worse for the vice president and her subordinates.

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