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Prosecutor Report Opens Door to Biden Removal

Democrats are going totally spastic because the big special prosecutor report cleared Joe Biden, by publicly declaring how mentally unfit he is for office. Slow Joe has got to go, We the People insist. Already, Republican lawmaker Claudia Tenney of New York has called for Joe’s handlers to “explore” removing Joe under the 25th Amendment.

Joe Biden unfit

From the unkind things Special Prosecutor Robert Hur had to say about Joe Biden, and the state of confusion his memory is in, it’s clear that he’s liable to fumble the nuclear football. Everyone in his inner circle has been scrambling to diffuse the damage by claiming how sharp he is while doing daily business. They won’t let him talk to reporters, though.

When you ask why he won’t take a mental fitness exam and lay the question to rest once and for all, they change the subject. Hur had no business going there, they whine.

Whether Hur “should” have called Joe Biden an “elderly man with a poor memory” or not, he did. The genie is out of the bottle and it’s not about to get stuffed back in now. Hur spent a total of 388 pages detailing that yes, Joe did retain classified documents and he did it “willingly.

He “knowingly and willfully removed, mishandled, and disclosed classified documents repeatedly over a period of decades.” That might be a crime but Hur wouldn’t recommend charges, even if they would stick against a sitting president. He wouldn’t bother to pursue the case because Joe doesn’t have “a mental state of willfulness.

To New York lawmaker Claudia Tenney, that means Joe has to go. She wrote a nasty letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland with her “grave concerns.” The reasons Hur gave for not recommending criminal charges were “alarming,” she wrote.

Another thing that was clear to her is that “the Department of Justice ‘cannot ethically‘ bring charges against former President Trump and decline to bring them against Biden.


Ability to execute responsibilities

Everyone can see from Hur’s report that 81-year-old Joe “is lacking the ability to execute his responsibilities as president.” Hur says “Biden is not competent to stand trial.” There can be only one possible solution and it needs to be applied fast.

It is incumbent upon you to explore proceedings to remove the President pursuant to the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

No matter how distasteful the idea of having Kamala Harris at the helm, “Biden needs to be charged, or he needs to be removed. There is no middle ground.

There are a lot of other voices in the District who say not only does this mean Joe has got to go, it means Donald Trump needs to have his case, for the same thing, dismissed right now.

Joe Biden was quick to make a response on national TV, even though he’s ducking the traditional Superbowl interview with the host network this year. Rumors say his handlers gave him a big shot of vitamins and maybe even had Hunter sprinkle a little something into Joe’s Ben & Jerry’s.

He was angry enough that they didn’t have to worry about him falling asleep but they kept their fingers crossed that he’d make it through the lines on the teleprompter. They kept the speech short so he wouldn’t forget why he was there before he got to the end of it. They’re kicking around the idea of getting him, or one of his doubles, some extra time in front of the camera. His handlers are refusing to even think about subjecting Joe Biden to a mental fitness exam, because they know he’d flunk.

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