Fox Host Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction On Live Television

Fox News host Todd Piro experienced an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction during a Flo Rida performance.

During the Fox & Friends summer concert series, the rapper was invited to perform live on stage with Piro and fellow Fox News host Steve Doocy. When Piro attempted to get a little too low his pants split in the back, revealing his underwear.

Piro instantly was aware of the fashion mix-up and owns up to the predicament after the performance: “I got too low with Flo Rida and split my pants,” he tells the audience, revealing one very large tear straight down the crack.

But thankfully Piro was a good sport, making fun of himself by uploading a photo of his split pants with Fox & Friends co-host Carly Shimkus laughing and pointing directly at him.

The caption of the photo shared by Piro read, “While dancing on stage at the @official_flo concert on @foxandfriends, I ripped my pants when I got too low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low.”

Of course, many other co-workers jumped on the opportunity to poke fun at Piro, with Fox News meteorologist Adam Klotz also sharing a few images and video from the incident on Instagram.

Klotz included a couple of witty captions along with his posts. The first one shows Piro getting low along with a video in which he captions, “The next thing ya know…”

The second one shows the aftermath with the caption, “Getting low isn’t without its risks, is it @todd.piro?”

If anything, we’ve all learned an important lesson from the incident: make sure you’ve dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Watch it here: Youtube/RainmakerNYC

Sources: Dailywire, Mediaite, Headtopics


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