FDA Caught Lying About Safety of…

There is a blessing to be found in the Covid Pandemic and years since the shutdown of the world. One major benefit of it all is people have become more aware and involved in asking questions of Big Pharma and our government agencies in wanting the information on the medications and vaccinations that have been pushed onto the American public.

With knowledge comes power and a total distrust of our government. Now the FDA has been caught lying to the American people about the safety of the Flu vaccination.

Serious concerns with the entire organization came to light after they tried to cover up the effectiveness of Ivermectin in treating and preventing Covid in order to push the Covid vaccinations. Now, the FDC has been caught in some major lies about the flu vaccine.

“If a Pharmaceutical company promoted a flu shot for pregnant women that would be illegal because it’s not an approved use by the FDA. So who does all promoting flu shots for pregnant women? The CDC.”

The FDA has never actually approved the Flu vaccination for the use of pregnant women, the same can be said with multiple medications and vaccinations that are commonly on the market. Many have not been thoroughly vetted by the agency but have been allowed to be mass-produced and pushed onto vulnerable populations of the citizenry.

In Fact, studies done by our own government have proven the harmful effects that Mass Childhood Vaccinations have had on our population. The American government has been studying the Amish communities for decades. These studies have proven that the Amish community faces significantly less amount of autism, ADD, ADHD, allergy, and autoimmune issues in their community, particularly in their children.

What are the Amish doing differently? Besides a cleaner and simpler way of living, the Amish do not subject their children to the mass immunizations that have become a common practice in hospitals today

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