FBI Subpoenas Texas AG

FBI Subpoenas Texas AG

The FBI has issued at least one federal subpoena for records in an active investigation into allegations against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Multiple sources have confirmed that a federal subpoena has been issued for records from the Texas Attorney General’s Office, along with requests for information. The subpoena and requests were issued from the FBI’s headquarters, though it is not clear how many subpoenas were issued or what information is being sought.

According to Texas news outlet KHOU, “The investigation started after top Paxton aides alleged to the FBI in early October they believe Paxton may be committing crimes that include abuse of office and bribery in his dealings with Austin investor Nate Paul.”

According to the group of aides, Paxton may have taken actions to benefit Paul, whose offices had been raided by the FBI in 2019. They allege that Paxton hired an outside investigator to look into Paul’s claim that his constitutional rights were violated during the raid.

Paxton has denied any wrongdoing.

Recently, the FBI has been sending agents to question individuals who may have knowledge of Paxton’s relationship with Paul, though the FBI has not publicly confirmed that an investigation is taking place.


On Thursday, after the subpoena had been issued, the FBI was still refusing to discuss the matter.

FBI spokeswoman Michelle Lee said she was unable to comment, and a spokesman for the office of the attorney general has not returned calls seeking comment.

Ken Paxton has been in the news lately for more than just this investigation, as his office was responsible for the major election lawsuit against four battleground states: Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania; who may have violated both their state Constitutions and the federal Constitution. Recently, seventeen other states have filed an amicus brief supporting the lawsuit, which has been filed directly with the Supreme Court.

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