Democrats Dangerous Rhetoric Leads to 12 and 14 Year Old Kids Opening Fire With an AK on Police Officers

In Florida, two children escaped from a Juvenile Facility aged 12 and 14. According to Volusia County Sheriffs Office a nightmare scenario ensued ending in a shootout with deputies at a home the kids were robbing using a stolen shotgun and an AK-47. Sheriff Mike Chitwood’s description of it was chilling. Even more so when you realize it was all the by-product of the insane policies coming from the Florida justice system.

Naturally, the left, mainstream media and twitter are fixated on the weapons and the homeowner they were stolen from, not the criminals or the facility that they escaped from.

The two children, 12-year-old Travis O’Brien and 14-year-old Nicole Jackson would end in custody and in a hospital bed respectively. But it started when they broke out of the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home, a facility Chitwood called “a complete failure” according to ClickOnOrlando. Chitwood noted that a guard at the facility had been beaten to death there earlier this year and deputies have had to respond 289 times in the last year.

The two children who escaped and are being defended by leftists on Twitter.

Escape, Robbery and Attempted Murder of Police Officers-By Kids

Volusia County Sheriff Chitwood told the press,

“So the deputies in the Deltona area go out looking for this 12-year-old and this 14-year-old because the 12-year-old is insulin-dependent and the 12-year-old, if he doesn’t get his medication within four hours, it’s going to be a critical medical emergency,”

Deputies were approached by a resident who told them they heard glass shattering at a home nearby, the officers found evidence of forced entry at the scene. Chitwood told reporters that the officers were cautious and contacted the homeowners to find out if anyone had access to the home, while they waited for backup to arrive.

Unbeknownst to them in the home there were a shotgun, an AK-47, a handgun and approximately 2oo rounds of ammunition. Deputies reported that the kids began smashing the homeowners furniture and even toilets and a tub with baseball bats and then grabbed the guns.

“At 8:28, one of my sergeants who was the first to arrive, Sgt. Donnie Maxwell, takes fire multiple times, never returns fire. At 8:31, one of our units reports they’re being fired at by the 12- and the 14-year-old. At 8:33, another call comes out from another group of deputies surrounding the home saying that shots were fired. At 8:40, the 14-year-old emerges from the property and threatens to kill Sgt. Maxwell. At 8:54, the juvenile male, armed with an AK-47, opens fire on deputies,” Chitwood said.

The Volusia Deputies held their fire and took cover the Sheriff explained. Instead they attempted to negotiate and de-escalate the situation. An officer courageously stepped into the line of fire and threw a cell phone into the house hoping to communicate. At which point, “The 14-year-old comes out of the garage with a pump shotgun, levels it at deputies and despite warnings to drop it, she walked back into the garage, she comes back a second time, and that’s when deputies opened fire after taking multiple rounds,” Chitwood said.

Jackson, the 14-year-old-girl was struck in the chest and her arm, she required surgery but was later upgraded to stable condition. O’Brien the 12-year-old-boy surrendered to police without further incident after about 30 seconds as police rushed in to provide emergency care to Nicole.

An Institutional Failure In Florida

Sheriff Chitwood barely restrained his anger speaking to the press who seemingly have shown sympathy for the children in the subsequent coverage.

“My deputies showed more restraint than I’m showing right now because I am furious that we could be burying somebody tonight. They took multiple multiple rounds… And I know for a fact one banana clip was empty from the AK-47. I know from the radio transmissions that a 12-year-old opened fire on us. I know that the 14-year-old opened fire on us with a shotgun and then walked out and threatened one of my sergeants and told him she was going to kill him. And we didn’t returned fire. But after she came out of the garage, hey, there was nothing left that we could do. We had to do we had to do,” Chitwood said.

“Their conversation was they were going to kill my sergeant. They were coming out to kill cops. They were coming out to kill deputies, that’s the conversation,” Chitwood said.
Despite what many on Twitter are saying at this hour, these children were clearly criminals intent on killing police officers, they were very likely mentally unwell and should have been housed in a facility that could work with them, like a true mental institution.
This case really highlights two problems in our country: the mental health crisis that has grown since Deinstitutionalization closed State Mental hospitals and an unwillingness to incarcerate violent juvenile offenders.
Sheriff Chitwood pegged it in a quote he’s probably getting a lot of grief for, but has the ring of truth to it:
“The brainiacs in Tallahassee, they want to do this restorative justice stuff. They need to take a deep look and say, ‘Something’s not right here,’ because where the rubber meets the road, these kids are killers. They’re capable of killing. This juvenile citation (expletive) that you hear from these faith groups, they need to worry about what’s going on in the pulpit in their church, not worried about what’s going on on the (expletive) streets when you have 14-year-olds and 12-year-olds arming themselves,” Chitwood said.
The Volusia Sheriffs should be lauded and honored for their incredible restraint and care for two kids who were lethally violent and most likely mentally ill. The system failed those kids, and the officers who responded to them and Florida officials need to correct for this. The homeowners whose home was vandalized and weapons were stolen (and now confiscated for evidence) were the victims here and the police were the most at risk. Plain and simple.
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