Corrupt MSM Predictably Celebrate Biden’s Dishonest SOTU Speech

Joe Biden‘s State of the Union (SOTU) address was an absolute trainwreck but the corrupt media predictably fawned over it, desperately trying to spin his horrible track record.

The very same media outlets that gleefully fact-checked every second of former President Donald Trump’s speeches, even jokes and obvious exaggerations said for dramatic effect, were completely silent regarding the falsehoods in Biden’s lie-riddled speech.

As usual, CNN was among the worst offenders. Even though the outlet did run an article noting inconsistencies in both Biden and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ speeches, CNN’s analysts and hosts had nothing but praise for the president.

“Biden made a deliberate attempt to reach out to Republicans during the address. The most overt attempt was perhaps when he repeatedly said ‘fund the police,’” CNN’s Oliver Darcy wrote in the Reliable Sources newsletter.

Darcy also gave a shoutout to NeverTrumper and Russian collusion hoaxer Jonah Goldberg for being an “honest conservative commentator” and believing Biden’s “fund the police” line.

CNN’s Jake Tapper also gushed over Biden’s speech, saying that it was “strong.”

“I have to say, considering his speaking talents and challenges, it was a fairly solid performance,” Tapper commentated. “That is quintessential Biden, and he saved it for the end, ‘the State of the Union is strong because you the American people are strong.’ Very Biden.”

The CNN host apparently forgot that the line he is celebrating is plagiarized (which is definitely “Very Biden”), it was stolen from Donald Trump, who said four years ago that “the state of our Union is strong because our people are strong.”

Several other CNN pundits took to Twitter to suck up to Joe Biden, including political analyst Joe Lockhart, who wrote: “Here’s the biggest difference between a Biden SOTU and Trump SOTU. Biden says we, Trump said I — repeatedly.”

Lockhart seems to not think about the purpose behind a State of the Union speech. Biden was supposed to talk about how the country is currently doing because of his leadership and what he/his administration has done. Donald Trump’s SOTU had a lot of I’s in it because he was talking about what he had accomplished for the country. Biden, on the other hand, refused to even discuss the state of the country right now, instead talking about the future, likely because he knows how bad everything is. Plus, with Biden’s obvious cognitive decline, which was apparent during the speech, maybe he is saying “we” because he isn’t even the one in charge anymore.

CNN wasn’t the only outlet fawning over Biden’s speech. ABC and CBS pundits also joined in on the gushing.

“Jon, you looked at me halfway through this address and took note that there were very few overt partisan moments where the President went after the other party or things they had done other than the tax cut from the previous administration, but he didn’t mention the former president by name,” ABC’s David Muir told chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl.

Karl concurred, saying that the address “didn’t have a partisan edge to it.”

“In fact, the overriding message was one of unity,” Karl claimed.

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