CNN Busted Pushing CLICKBAIT Conspiracy Theories

CNN got busted with their hand in the cookie jar up to the elbow. They’re pushing “clickbait conspiracy theories” like heroin. They went radically subversive declaring the president who freed the slaves, Abraham Lincoln, was a racist. It’s “complicated” they admit. That’s because contrived propaganda always is. The truth is simple.

CNN reduced to clickbait

The once mighty bastion of liberal propaganda, CNN, has lost so many viewers and readers that they are resorting to “clickbait.” Salacious stories with no substance meant only to be read by folks who can’t resist watching a train wreck in progress.

Case in point: “Did Black lives matter to Abraham Lincoln? It’s complicated.” You can thank “enterprise reporter” John Blake for that one. It turns out that the 16th president has a “complex and evolving” legacy, out of the closet as full blown racist.


People talked a whole lot different then. We have education now, the only problem is that it is common core education and the lowest common denominator is zero. Any mathematician will tell you that doesn’t make sense. Neither does common core.

CNN wants you to believe that “in some circles,” liberal ones, “‘Honest Abe’ is increasingly becoming Racist Abe.” As the nasty network alleges, “he once said that Black people were inferior to Whites and he liked minstrel shows. He proposed ending slavery by shipping willing Black people back to Africa.”

“CNN isn’t satisfied trying to destroy the Party of Lincoln,” vice president of Media Research Center Dan Gainor blasts, “now the network and its leftist buddies want to destroy Lincoln himself.”


Americans are smart enough to realize, “this isn’t just historical revisionism. This is a complete rewrite of history by radicals who want to embrace the anti-American lunacy of The New York Times 1619 Project.”

Lincoln’s statue already in danger

Even before CNN started spewing this filth, statues of Lincoln have “been toppled or removed in cities including Portland and Boston.” On the left coast in hippy-dippy San Francisco, the “San Francisco school board recently voted to scrub Lincoln’s name from a school over his treatment of Natives.”

They were forced to walk that one back because of conservative backlash. Lincoln may have abolished slavery in 1863 but he “used the N-word and told racist jokes.”

CNN is convinced that “If some of Lincoln’s public utterances about Blacks were retweeted today, he would have been canceled on social media and likely run out of office.” You won’t find any arguments from conservatives on that one.

They want to run every deplorable out of America to make room for Central Americans. The liberals ignore the facts that “he was the first commander-in-chief to invite black people to the White House.” He also was buddies with “abolitionist Frederick Douglass.”

One beltway observer, Tim Young, writes, “CNN is officially jumping the shark with this new take that Lincoln was a racist.” Points out that’s “the final nail in the coffin for them being able to call themselves a news organization.”

Every real American can see that “now they’re just clickbait conspiracy theories.” They’re so desperate they will do “anything for a buck, including calling the president who ended slavery racist. Way to prove why no one should ever believe a thing that’s ever on your network.”

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