Chief Justice Roberts DROPPED THE HAMMER…

ICYMI – It is rare these days that Chief Justice Roberts openly pushes back against Democrat policy, but he did this time.

Oral arguments were heard regarding Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan.

My take from the comments made by Justice Roberts as well as another case that used emergency powers, it is not good for liberals who were expecting taxpayers to pay off their student loans.

Pounding Away

Roberts concentrated on one thing, and it is something that I have pointed to many times.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court could not get away from hammering the overall price tag of the legislation.

I have stated many times that there is simply no way Joe Biden, even as president, has the authority to erase that big of a number and stick it on the taxpayer.

To that point, Roberts stated, “Along comes the government and tells that person: You don’t have to pay your loan.

“Nobody’s telling the person who is trying to set up the lawn service business that he doesn’t have to pay his loan. He still does, even though his tax dollars are going to support the forgiveness of the loan for the college graduate, who’s now going to make a lot more than him over the course of his lifetime.”

On the financial aspect, he stated, “We’re talking about a half-trillion dollars and 43 million Americans. How does that fit under the normal understanding of ‘modifying’?”

Roberts later added, “I think most casual observers would say, if you’re going to give up that much amount of money, if you’re going to affect the obligations of that many Americans on a subject that’s of great controversy, they would think that’s something for Congress to act on.

“And if they haven’t acted on it, then maybe that’s a good lesson to say for the president or the administrative bureaucracy that maybe that’s not something they should undertake on their own.”

The policy sounds doomed to me.

Source: CNN

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