CCP Expands Its Secret Police Stations Around the World

According to a report published by the Telegraph, China has recently opened its latest “overseas police service centers” within Chinese restaurants and shops in the United Kingdom.

Apparently CCP has at least 54 police centers outside of the country, with 36 being in Europe alone.

Of the two located in London, one claims to be a real estate company with the other operates in a Chinese restaurant.

Despite the stations claims of helping Chinese travelers with paperwork, research has uncovered that they are “hunting down and blackmailing Chinese citizens to force them to return home.”

And all of these stations’ activities remain unseen by police and the public.

In fact, one Chinese secret police center is located in the heart of New York City, according to the Safeguard Defenders report.

Individuals are being extorted by the secret police stations into returning to China by “threatening to cut electricity to the homes of families” and “restricting access to public schools for relatives.”

Through these means, China decreases the chance of Western governments’ “scrutiny of its human rights record,” as stated by the Safeguard Defenders report.

The Telegraph made attempts to reach out to one of the stations in London and received a response from a worker who directly lied to the paper saying the station only helps “overseas Chinese extend their Chinese driver’s licenses and arrange required health checks.”



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