State of Emergency Declared

Breaking News: State of Emergency Declared

Amid concerns over the safety of residents, a state of emergency has been declared in Oregon, sending people rushing to get off of the streets.

Just weeks after a deadly heatwave hit the Pacific north-west, the region is already preparing for more triple-digit temperatures. The temperature began to climb on August 11th, prompting people to rush into cooling centers and misting stations to avoid the sweltering heat.

Several towns in Oregon, such as the city of Beaverton, have designated cooling centers, which are shelters that open for residents to stay in overnight.


According to a statement from Democrat Governor Kate Brown, “Oregon is facing yet another extreme heatwave, and it is critical that every level of government has the resources they need to help keep Oregonians safe and healthy.”

The governor also commented on the impending heat wave via tweet, writing: “Another heat wave is here. Please, check on your vulnerable family, neighbors, and friends, learn the symptoms of heat-related illnesses, and find a cooling center near you if you don’t have A/C in your home. If you need additional resources, @211info is there to help.”


The state of emergency was declared on August 10th after concerns were raised over the safety of residents, especially those who do not have air conditioning. The declaration will remain in place until August 20th.

By the evening on Wednesday, August 11th, temperatures in Portland had soared to approximately 97 degrees. According to the National Weather Service, the “worst-case scenario” is that the temperature could climb as high as 111 degrees by Friday, August 13th, but the more likely scenario indicates that temperatures will hover around 100 degrees, peaking at around 105 degrees on August 12th.

Just two months ago, the Pacific north-west saw record-high temperatures, with some areas exceeding 115 degrees. This massive heat wave led to hundreds of deaths.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has also declared a state of emergency.

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