Elderly Asian Woman Attacked By Man With Rock In New York City Has Died

Elderly Woman Succumbs to Violent Attack

An elderly Asian woman who was attacked by a man who allegedly hit her in the head repeatedly with a rock has passed away, according to her family.

CNN reported that 61 year old GuiYing Ma was sweeping a sidewalk in Queens in November of 2021 “when a man allegedly struck her in the head repeatedly with a large rock, injuring her face and head, police said at the time.”

While the mainstream media spent much of the past year trying to insist that the culprits behind the increase in hate crimes against Asian-Americans were white people, most high profile examples included a non-white attacker, which is true in the case of the killing of GuiYing Ma.

One day after the elderly Asian woman was attacked, the New York Police Department arrested 33 year old Elisaul Perez and charged him with three felonies, “including a charge of assault with intent to disfigure and dismember and a charge of assault with intent to seriously injure someone with a weapon. He also faces a charge of criminal possession of a weapon,” according to reporting by CNN.

Yihung Hsieh, the owner of the property in Jackson Heights where Ma was sweeping when she was attacked, created a GoFundMe page after the attack to raise money for Ma’s medical expenses. Hsieh told CNN that Ma needed surgery to relieve pressure on her brain as a result of the attack.

Here is the statement from Ma’s family published on the GoFundMe page by Hsieh announcing her death:

The family of GuiYing Ma is heartbroken to announce that 62-year-old Queens resident GuiYing Ma died at 9:29 p.m. on February 22, 2022 as a result of “Complications of Blunt Impact Injury of Head.” Mrs. Ma was sweeping the sidewalk when she was violently attacked with a rock in the morning of Friday, November 26, 2021 by a man who was sleeping on the sidewalk. The defendant who was arrested and indicted in this attack had multiple prior arrests, a long criminal record, and was known to be a menace to the community.

The attack permanently damaged the right side of Mrs. Ma’s brain. But the love between Mrs. Ma and her husband Mr. Zhanxin Gao remained. Despite being connected to a ventilator and a feeding tube, Mrs. Ma responded to Mr. Gao by moving her eyes and tearing up when Mr. Gao would speak to her at the hospital. In early February 2022 and just over 10 weeks after the attack, Mrs. Ma awoke from her coma, and was able to raise her hand in response to Mr. Gao even though she could not speak still.

The GoFundMe page notes that Ma had moved to New York from Liaoning, China, just four years before she was attacked. It also states that she was the “fourth Asian American in New York City to die in the last two months as a result of violence against the AAPI community.”

Ma’s family thanked the New York Police Department and Queens County District Attorney’s Office “for seeking justice for Mrs. Ma and providing social worker assistance,” while also calling for law enforcement to better protect the community.

Source: The Daily Wire

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