Bikini Trend Sweeping the Nation That Has Viewers Doing a Double Take

This new bikini trend is taking social media by storm as thousands of viewers are left entirely puzzled by why this new way of wearing a string bikini is so popular. As a result, many people are questioning if society has taken one step too far when it comes to showing skin.

The upside down bikini trend has been blowing up like a balloon across Europe and the US. It was started by Italian model Valentina Fradegrada, who then took it to Instagram with her own page, Upside Down Bikini.

The idea is to take a halter bikini top and tie it around your chest instead of your neck. This gives the breasts a major lift and emphasizes curves, while also showing off plenty of underboob.

Now people are debating if this new look is actually necessary or just taking things too far?

The upside down bikini trend has gained quite a bit of attention from social media users, both positive and negative. On one hand, many found this look captivating with one person commenting “Wow I like it” and another saying “You look beautiful”.

On the other hand, there were people questioning what was the point of such an outrageous style. One user commented that it was possibly “the stupidest thing [they] had seen all day” while another jokingly wrote that their boobs would fall into the hole if they tried it out themselves.

When you really think about it, bikinis already show off enough skin as is so why does turning them upside down make any difference? Even string bikinis can emphasize curves well enough without having to go through all the trouble that comes along with wearing an upside down bikini – not to mention how uncomfortable they must be.

So when does enough become too much in terms of showing your body off in public? Do we really need to wear something so revealing for people’s eyes or are we simply succumbing to societal pressures of looking our best at all times?

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