Biden-Soros Disturbing BOMBSHELL Revealed…

As most of you know, George Soros has donated hundreds of millions to Democrats over the years, including Joe Biden.

The man has literally bought judges and local DAs about pouring tens of millions into local elections to where the GOP candidate was outraised by three and four times.

A perfect example of this would be the most recently elected Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, where Soros helped her outraise her Republican opponent by an almost four-to-one ratio.

Well, now it turns out that all that money is clearly getting access, with Soros’ son, Alexander, having visited the White House about a dozen times since Joe has been in office.

Behind the Curtain

George is clearly grooming Alex to take over the family business of buying influence.

It is Alex that has been showing up at the White House about as much as Biden.

He has met with all the power brokers, such as former Chief of Staff Ron Klain’s assistant, Nina Srivastava, Mariana Adame, advisor to the counselor to the president, and Deputy National Security Advisor Jonathan Finer, Kimberly Lang, then a National Security Advisor executive assistant, and former Klain advisor Madeline Strasser.

Alex was at the White House during the day of the State Dinner for the French president.

There are also pictures of him hanging out with the Obamas, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi.

Heritage Foundation Oversight Project director Mike Howell believes that Soros “has done incalculable damage to our country. The death and destruction of their policies are evident at our borders and in our crime-infested cities. The left is addicted to their money, and they don’t even bother hiding it anymore.”

There is only one reason Soros would be at the White House that much, and that is to relay his old man’s wishes to the other old man in the Oval Office.

You tell me who is really running this country!

Source: Fox News

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