Baby Abandoned At Hospital, When Nurses Picked Him Up They All Were Stunned….

Gabe Adams was only a few days old when he had lost everything.

Born in Brazil and at just two days old, his mother abandoned him at an orphanage.

Sadly, Gabe’s condition meant that his chances of being adopted were very slim.

Gabe was born with the condition called Hanhart Syndrome, which meant he was born with no arms or legs.

Unfortunately, it is still unclear what causes the condition.

But thankfully, one mother would soon change everything for the better.

Janelle Adams saw a picture of Gabe in a supermarket one day and made the decision to help him.

At first Janelle and her husband were worried about how they would be able to take care of Gabe, let alone how he would take care of himself.

However, much to their surprise, Gabe never let his disability hold him back, learning to not only use a wheelchair but also dance.

Soon Gabe joined his school’s dance team and when students saw him perform, they wanted to learn more about his story.

At one point Gabe wrote an article, which was published by Huffington Post, where he thanked his parents for teaching him to be self-sufficient.

Gabe has even released his own documentary back in 2019 called “Limb-itless: Adventure Songwriting.”

Many people have commented on his dance skills on social media:

“Amazing. Kudos to him and to his high school dance team” and “Watch this and don’t ever say you can’t do something!”

Another commenter remarked: “Wow! God bless him. This country needs more kids willing to work hard to beat the odds. Nothing but admiration for this young man.”

Watch it here: TheDailySpectator/Youtube

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