Another Red State Just Took a Stance Against The Biden Team

In Topeka on a Tuesday Kansas GOP Representatives advanced a new proposal which would ban “transgender” students from girl’s and women’s sports in Kansas schools and colleges. Adding to a growing movement of Red States taking a stance against the Biden-Harris regime. Supporters of the proposal are increasingly confident of it’s success. However, Kansas’ Democrat Governor Laura Kelly is a long time LGBT advocate and such a move would require a veto-proof majority in the Kansas State Legislature. So far she hasn’t made a statement on whether or not she would veto the bill, but she did issue an Executive Order on day 2 of her term “banning discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in state hiring and employment decisions.” according to KMBC.

Brittany Jones, advocacy director for the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas believes the bill has enough support among conservatives to stymie the Governor with the necessary majority to overturn her veto. Republicans currently hold supermajorities in both chambers of the Kansas statehouse. Authorities in Kansas who monitor middle and high school activities says it knows of only five transgender students currently active in K-12 activities, this was cited by the bill’s detractors.

“If we have five, then that’s a threat to every girl’s opportunity, and there’s plenty of other opportunities for biological boys to compete,” said Brittany Jones, advocacy director for the conservative Family Policy Alliance of Kansas. “It doesn’t have to be a very large number to have a huge impact.”


“This bill is about ensuring that girls have a fair opportunity,” Jones said.

A movement of ‘Red States’ toward preserving girl’s and women’s sports from being overrun by “trans” athletes with measurable inherent physical advantages will soon be in two dozen states according to Newsweek.

The Red State Movement to #SaveWomensSports

This movement started in Idaho in March 2020 and has quickly accelerated, now including Tennessee and Mississippi and soon South Dakota. It only seems to have accelerated since the Biden-Harris regime signed an overreaching Executive Order describing a radical new prohibition on discrimination of “Gender Identity” a nebulous and controversial concept that has more grounding in politics and philosophy than medical science.


The New York Times reported that lawmakers in Arkansas and Missouri are considering similar bills and constitutional amendments. Similar bills have been introduced in Florida and Utah.

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