Alert: U.S. Rep tries to push for Biden to appoint Muslim judges, Sharia Law Imminent

Alert: Muslim Sharia Law Plans Enacted, Imminent Infiltration Begins

In another case of identity politics pushing for hiring based on race rather than qualifications, Rep. Grace Meng and two law associations have called for Joe Biden to appoint Muslim judges to federal courts.

Representative Meng, the vice chair of the Democratic Party, is using her influence to push for the appointment of Muslim judges, should the Democrats retake the Senate and win the presidency.

On October 9, Meng delivered a letter to Biden‘s presidential campaign, which asked Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris to publicly commit to appointing judges who identify as Muslim to the federal judiciary.

This letter was drafted by the Muslim Bar Association of New York, and the South Asian Bar Association of New York.

“The judiciary today does not reflect the America it presides over. As of 2020, there is to our knowledge no appointed member of the federal judiciary who identifies as Muslim, nor has there ever been,” the letter states.

In the letter, Meng and the two law organizations claim that Muslims have a nearly 400-year history in the American colonies and the United States, claiming that the first Muslims in the United States were trafficked as slaves from Africa.

They obviously ignore Muslims’ role in the slave trade at that time, and their current role in slavery that still exists in the Middle East, choosing instead to focus on slavery in the United States which was abolished in 1865.

Jihad Watch asks: “Did the letter cite Islam’s role in the transatlantic slave trade? Of course not. Nor does it say anything about the ongoing Islamic genocide against Christians in Africa. Anything about the black slavery that still persists in Libya, Mauritania, Algeria and Sudan? No.”

Should the U.S. appoint judges based on race? Should a letter, which was primarily focused on grievance politics and identity politics, influence a president to appoint certain people? Should members of the judiciary be focused on identity politics instead of the law? Or do these ideas set a bad precedent for our country?

Article IV, Clause 3 of the Constitution prohibits a religious test for any office, stating: “No religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” Should the founders have included a clause prohibiting a racial test as well?

Approximately 3.5 million Americans identify as Muslim, according to a 2018 Pew report.

According to the Queens Daily Eagle, “Representation is crucial as Americans demonstrate for equity and against discrimination, including anti-Islamic prejudice, Meng and the bar associations told Biden.”

Identity politics is detrimental to society, and goes against the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr., the man who most leftists who ascribe to identity politics often cite as their hero. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” said King.

Jihad Watch explains: “The letter was intended for ignorant Leftist social justice warriors who have no clue about Islamic history, and who, instead of educating themselves, prefer to indulge in a victimhood narrative and wallow in guilt over things for which they were not responsible, comforting themselves with an unjustified feeling of moral superiority. All the while, they aid and abet Muslim Brotherhood interests.”

Of course, Meng and the bar associations did not cite any names of Muslim judges to be appointed to the judiciary. They do not seem to care for qualifications or for offering any specific examples to justify their request. They simply want affirmative action in every aspect of life.

    1. People need to read what happened to Rome when they started letting Foreign Nationals get in their government, wasn’t long Rome was DESTROYED! But most people are too dumb to pay attention to History, and other Civilizations have crumbled by letting VERMIN in your government. The muslims almost destroyed the world once before back in the 14 and 1500s.
      But lets let them take over and just see how long they will let your grandchildren live in FREEDOM? Semper Fi.

  1. Muslims should never be appointed as judges, because they will not required to tell the truth about their intents and beliefs as long as they promote islam, and sharia law. Taking an oath is included in the ability to lie for the promotion of islam. Everyone who knows anything about muslims, knows that they will promote sharia law at every opportunity.

  2. Good old Biden, pushing Sharia Law and Muslim judges. Looks like the lying just keeps on and on. This POS has never done anything for America . No matter all the hype that spews that Biden has done this and that for America with almost 50years of service. What he actually accomp0lished was nothing for Americans but he was really good at stuffing his family pockets at our expense. He is a perverted old SOB and should be thrownout of American with his corrupt family!

  3. Omg it’s over with if they do that. I think Democrats should have to spend about 30 days in a Muslim country l;ike Iraq, Afganistan, somewhere they treat women and people so nicely.

  4. There is no member of the judiciary who is or ever has been a member of the Muslim community-not should there ever be (my addition). Shariah law is inconsistent with our Constitution and our judicial system is set up to make rulings based upon fealty to the US Constitution. As an example of the incompatibility of the two sets of laws, the Constitution allows the free exercise of religion (all religion)-Shariah calls for the single Islamic religion. Our Constitution is totally separate from religion-in Shariah law the religion is woven into the balance of the law. Muslims in America are free to practice their religion but they are NOT free to undermine our Constitution.

  5. I don’t oppose a Muslim in Politics, BUT if the Muslim tried to enact sharia law, over our Nations Constitution that is where the line must be drawn, and sharia would be removed as all the persons that tried to overthrow our Government.
    I don’t have any problems with what would be used in the temples, just NOT in the Government, United States of America over RULES all other foreign law.

  6. First of all Muslimes are NOT a race, they are an ethnicity, just like Jews. Secondly, they have no business employed as judges in the US because their religious political ideology is anti-Constitutional! If muslimes want to be judged by a muslime judge then ship them back to a musime country – PERMANENTLY!!!!

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