47 Deputies Forcibly REMOVED From Duty All At Once

This really isn’t as bad as it sounds, the Alameda County sheriff’s office lamely insisted, as they carefully took weapons away from four dozen deputies over the weekend. Apparently, they had a whole bunch of psychopaths running around loose with guns and badges. Forty-seven of them.

Dangerous deputies off the streets

Its no wonder that folks in California don’t trust the cops. They’re nuts. At least a big batch of deputies in Alameda County are, or rather, were. They’re still nuts but they’re no longer on the job with the Sheriff’s department.

The loony law enforcement officers “were stripped of their weapons and badges over the weekend after an audit revealed that they had received unsatisfactory scores on psychological exams.” Whoever graded those exams allowed them out on the street anyway, until the bean counters caught them.

Nobody is surprised to learn that 30 of the psychologically unstable deputies worked at the Santa Rita Jail. You have to be crazy to work there. The other 17 were spread out on assignment “elsewhere in the county.

Hopefully they were paired up with someone stable enough to keep them between the lines. If they were grouped together, they might do crazy things like shake down drug dealers to cover their gambling losses.

On Friday night, September 23, the deputies were “notified” that “they could no longer make arrests or carry firearms following an audit of psychological exams dating back to 2016 in which the officers got unsatisfactory scores.

Nobody really cared about silly things like psychological stability. After all, this is California. There was one tiny little incident and suddenly watchdog groups are freaking out.

A recent double murder

Everything was going just peachy and all the questionable psych evaluations were kept tightly in the filing cabinets while Alameda County deputies dispensed justice as they saw fit. Then Devon Williams blew it for everyone. “What triggered the audit was a double homicide several weeks ago.

The 24-year-old “was arrested for killing a husband and wife in their Dublin home.” The first thing investigators learned was “he had had a relationship with the woman.” Then, they learned he flunked his psych test and nobody did anything about it.

According to civil rights attorney Adante Pointer, “You have the sheriff’s department essentially giving officers a free pass to carry a gun and a badge to do police work.” That isn’t good when the deputies “are completely unqualified.

These maniacs “failed one of the key components of whether you can be trusted with a gun and a badge which is to be psychologically stable.” The sheriff is trying to control the damage.

A Monday statement that wasn’t released by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office until their lawyers approved it notes “that psychological testing standards have changed since 2016.” They suddenly realized that without lower psych standards they wouldn’t have any deputies in the jail so lowered them. These 47 will all be re-screened against the relaxed standards. Until then, they were “reassigned to desk jobs.

The Sheriff blames the unsatisfactory scores on “immaturity.” What he really means is now they know what not to say on the psych tests. They learn real fast, for instance, not to admit how much they enjoy beating up the prisoners. “A lot of young people out of college don’t do as well on the psychological exam as someone who has much more life experience.

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