While Biden Toys With American Lives, DeSantis Stepped in and Did the Best Thing He Can

When President Joe Biden isn’t in hiding, he is toying with American lives. However, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida once again stepped up to the challenge.

Tornados Hit Florida

Earlier this year on January 16th, damaging tornados destroyed homes, boats and many other things in the surrounding area in Charlotte County, Florida.

At least 35 homes were damaged and were estimated to be around half a million dollars. Another tornado also hit Lee County.

Biden did not step in to lend support, so Florida Governor DeSantis worked to provide a solution. He developed a giving portal to help people affected by the tornados to help provide monetary relief.

The governor had initially asked the Biden administration’s Federal Emergency Management Agency for assistance but they denied his pleas for help.

FEMA Rejects Pleas for Help

The Florida Division of Emergency website launched a portal in order to start the relief project.

In a statement, DeSantis addressed the issue.

“We cannot continue waiting on the federal government to provide relief to these Floridians,” he said.

“After meeting with survivors last week, it’s clear they still need our help. We’ve helped community leaders launch this portal to expedite assistance for impacted residents and we’re going to ensure they get help,” he continued.


FEMA’s rejection had many residents upset at the denial.

FEMA released a letter stating, “the damage from this event was not of such severity and magnitude as to be beyond the capabilities of the state, affected local governments, and voluntary agencies.” An appeal to the federal government is in process.

DeSantis to the Rescue

DeSantis made his displeasure with the Biden administration’s decision to deny help to tornado victims.

DeSantis said in a Tweet:

“This week, FEMA denied Florida’s request for Individual Assistance for Floridians displaced by tornadoes in Charlotte and Lee counties. We urge FEMA to reconsider its decision. Floridians shouldn’t be punished for a disaster outside of their control due to White House politics.”

It makes one wonder what the United States would look like if every state had a governor similar to Ron DeSantis.

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