Urgent Recall Issued, If You Use This Phone Charger STOP Immediately

Urgent Recall Issued, If You Use This Phone Charger STOP Immediately

An urgent recall has been issued for several versions of a phone charger after they have been found to start fires and have led to serious injuries.

The company that produces these products, myCharge, has received at least 30 reports of their power bank chargers overheating, according to the recall notice.

Continuing to use these chargers could lead to serious injury or even a fire. Seven out of the thirty reports have resulted in serious injuries “including burns to the upper body, hands, legs, and/or feet of users, and/or property damage to household flooring, walls, and furniture.”

The recall description states:

“This recall involves seven models of myCharge powerbanks used for powering and recharging electronic devices that have a USB interface, such as tablets, cell phones, Bluetooth speakers, e-readers, etc. The powerbanks have an anodized metallic case that is blue, black or gray. ‘myCharge’ is written on the front of the product case. The model name can be found on the back of the product case and on the bottom panel of the product packaging. The date code is printed on the outer packaging and the product case, except for the Adventure Mega and Adventure Mega C models where the date code is printed on the underside of a flap on the top of the product case.”

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), has announced that the following models are all subject to the charger recall:

  • myCharge Adventure Mega: Model No. AVC20KG-A, Date Codes: 2818, 3718, 4018, or 4518
  • myCharge Adventure Mega C: Model No. AVCQC20KG-A, Date Codes: 2818
  • myCharge Razor Mega: Model No. RZ20KK-A, Date Codes: 3818, 4118, 4418, 4918, or 1719
  • myCharge Razor Mega C: Model No. RZQC20KK-A, Date Codes: 3818
  • myCharge Razor Super: Model No. RZ24NK-A, Date Codes: 0319
  • myCharge Razor Super C: Model No. RZQC24NK-A, Date Codes: 3319 or 3519
  • myCharge Razor Xtreme: Model No. RZPD26BK-A, Date Codes: 2818, 3718, or 3918

Even if you are using one of these power banks without any issues, the CPSC is urging people to stop using them immediately.

The warning also notes that you can contact myCharge for instructions on how to return the faulty products for a full refund with a 25% bonus, in the form of an electronic voucher, which can be used to purchase other products from the company at this link.

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