Russia Takes MASSIVE HIT!

Over the last few weeks, Ukraine has been getting a lot of negative headlines.  

The nation has been taking some direct hits, literally, in attacks by Russian forces.  

This time, however, it was Ukraine that scored a direct hit.  

Sinking Ship 

From the coverage that I have seen, Ukraine was in dire need of some positive headlines. 

This week, they got it.  

Video surfaced of a drone strike by Ukraine forces in the Black Sea against a Russian ship.  

A CNN source stated, “A big navy ship, [the] Olenogorsky Gornyak, was hit. 

“As the result of the attack, the Russian ship has received serious damage and is not able to fulfill its duties.” 

The ship reportedly had about 100 Russian troops aboard at the time of the strike.  

It was not clear if the troops aboard had been killed or if the drone had only damaged the ship.  

Regardless, this gives Ukraine a much-needed win as the country continues to beg NATO countries for more aid.  

Biden has sent hundreds of billions in aid to Ukraine so far and has vowed to provide aid for as long as is needed for Ukraine to prevail in this war.  

However, the lack of accountability has Republicans and the American people saying that enough is enough.  

Source: CNN 

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