They Were Taking A Dip In The Pool, Then The Ground Opened Up!

What was meant to be a fun day has caused the death of a man in central Israel. According to authorities, a sinkhole beneath a swimming pool at a residential home swept two men inside during a company pool party.

The incident occurred at the town of Karmi Yosef where over 50 guests were in attendance of the party.

Horrifying video footage reveals people screaming as they watched the pool water quickly drain into the pit.

The Israel Fire and Rescue Authorities stated that the hole had formed suddenly.

Video showed the massive hole draining the pool and pulling toys into its vortex. At the end of the event, the ground created a 50 feet deep hole.

Apparently there had been 6 people in the pool at the time, with four managing to escape. Of the two men that were sucked into the vortex, one was able to climb out with little injuries however the other man was not so lucky and searching for him proved difficult.

The victim was identified at 32-year-old Klil Kimhi, whose death remains unknown whether it was caused by drowning, being crushed, or killed from the initial fall.

The cause of the sinkhole is now being investigated. A professor at the Tel Aviv geophysics department, Shmuel Marco said, “There are no known natural sinkholes in that area.”

Instead, Marco attributed the sinkhole to poor construction. “The fact that a sinkhole appeared precisely bellow the pool indicates it was a man-made occurrence and that the water that leaked from the pool caused the ground to become muddy or for a hole to appear and anything above, can just collapse,” he said.

Authorities are now focusing their attention on the pool owner, who was operating the pool without a permit.

Watch it here: Youtube/The National News

Sources: Westernjournal, Nypost, Thedailybeast


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