Sound the ALARM… The Red Wave is GONE

This election was slated for big things for the Republican Party.

We were going to take back the Senate by a handful of seats and destroy Democrats in the House.

Polling says differently, however, and Republicans would be wise to listen.

Wake Up!

We are losing seats we should not be losing in the Senate.

Furthermore, these are all battleground states we thought we had in the bucket, and most of them are Trump-backed candidates, so take from that what you will.

Behind in the polls right now are Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI, Mehmet Oz (PA), Blake Masters (AZ), and Herschel Walker (GA).

The only battleground winner that is out there right now is JD Vance in Ohio, but he is only winning by three points and he is almost out of money.

In fact, a group affiliated with McConnell stepped in and dropped $28 million to help Vance out.

If you go back to the 2016 polling to say polls are wrong, think again, because they got that election right.

They may not be perfect, but they are close and show trends.

Back to 2016, you have to remember these polls are run on a national level, equivalent to the popular vote.

Hillary crushed Trump in the popular vote, basically winning the same percentage as most polls had her winning the presidency by that year.

Unfortunately for Hillary, she could not win the electoral college.

Senators go on popular vote, so the GOP better start listening to the message here and change some tactics.

When someone like Rubio has a 15-point swing over successive polls during a 6-week period, we have a real problem.

Source: Daily Caller

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