She Says She Is Planning To Marry Her Father, The Reason Will Make You Violently Sick!

With a shocking headline such as this, it would not surprise me if you physically recoiled. At an important age when most people are graduating high school and considering their future, this one 18-year-old woman has decided on an entirely different path, one that left many appalled.

This young woman from the Great Lakes region is set to marry her own father. Two years after rekindling their relationship on Facebook, she and her father have now decided to make it official and tie the knot.

Many may find this odd but for them, it’s simply love.

This unconventional love story begins 12 years ago when the parents got pregnant on Prom night. The daughter was raised by her mother who is bipolar while her father was estranged until connecting with his daughter via Facebook during her high school days.

After meeting up in person, she spent a week with him which resulted in the two having sex for the first time. She claims that it felt incredibly sensual due to their similarities and they have been together ever since.

Though many people around them know what is going on between the two, none of them can accept it except for both sets of grandparents who treat them just like any other couple and are eager to see grandchildren soon enough. The couple plans to move out of state where adult incest isn’t illegal so they can be safe under law before finally telling everyone including her mother about their plans to get married and start a family.

As far as genetics go, she believes that problems associated with inbreeding such as those found among royal families won’t happen because incest has been happening since humans first existed however, she does not plan on telling their children how mommy and daddy met each other initially so as not give them any problems later in life.

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