Fox News Exposes This Firestorm Controversy

How can parents expect their kids to feel good about going to school when White children are taught that they should feel guilty simply for being alive? That’s the question one teacher in Kansas is asking. She “ripped a school district for their mandatory diversity training.” What makes it worse is that they can’t find teachers able to pass along skills like reading or math “amid a teacher shortage and challenges to recruit talent.

White shaming at school

Being White is not a crime, but progressives insist it should be. Caedran Sullivan used to teach English in the Shawnee Mission School District. After 15 years helping youngsters learn to communicate effectively, she finds herself obsolete. A dinosaur in the world of emojis, TikTok and genders that have become fluid as water.

I can no longer stay silent about the state of our schools. I will be attacked and threatened, but for the good of our district and the students with whom we are entrusted, I must speak out. This is too important.” She wrote up her views in an opinion piece that appeared in The Lion.

Ms. Sullivan “blasted” her former district, Fox News writes, for “repeated White shaming” and “woke ideology.” SMSD, she reveals, “requires employees to attend Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) training and workshops centered around critical race theory and invoking social justice causes to ‘decolonize‘ the classroom.

That’s a woke catch phrase meant to instill guilt in beige skinned oppressors, even the ones in kindergarten. Caucasian kids quickly learn that they’re considered second class pupils in the classroom, who deserve to be locked in the closet for the safety of other students. And everyone wonders why the suicide rate among students keeps spiking higher.

There is repeated White shaming and a preoccupation with White people as the ‘oppressor,’ including staff field trips with a focus on ‘systemic racism.

The “White saviorism and virtue-signaling at DEI meetings is so condescending that many minorities and other staff members have stopped attending,” Sullivan points out. The system has melted down like Fukushima.

Not academically focused

Shawnee Mission School District, in Sullivan’s informed opinion, can’t cope with the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic but they can list 58 gender options. “Our district is no longer academically focused. We are doing our students a disservice by allowing a biased curriculum to take over.

If parents knew what goes on in our schools, the majority would be appalled.” Standing up against White guilt crimes at the board meeting is likely to earn FBI surveillance and criminal charges.

Such “indoctrination” Sullivan explains “does not help amid a worsening teacher shortage that forced SMSD to pay $3.5 million to out-of-state agencies to recruit and retain more educators.” The problem is only getting worse.

We are losing good teachers because of an imposed divisive rhetoric that does not inspire mutual goodwill.” The teachers leaving aren’t just the White ones. It’s like the Department of Education is intentionally trying to start a race war.

In my school alone, three teacher-coaches left in March and recently, in one day, four more teachers said they are contemplating leaving the profession.” This generation has given up on reading anything which doesn’t have pictures for clues as to content. They use emojis like Egyptians used Hieroglyphics.

American society is De-evolving just like that punk band warned about in the 80’s. Kids were sticking safety pins through their nose back then. Now it’s fashionably called “piercing.” The next generation will be back to the point and grunt stage. Especially since White kids, and equally unpopular Asians, are being dumbed down to tilt the playing field in favor of their darker skinned peers.

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