Queen Elizabeth Health Alert… Nation Stunned

It seems that Queen Elizabeth’s health is slowly declining and things are not looking good.

For the first time in years, her scheduled “official” duties are being severely cut back due to health concerns. The monarchy’s annual report revealed that the Queen’s role has been altered, moving from 13 bulleted points to a more vague description.

Her son, Prince Charles is now expected to take over her duties in response.

Concerns have continued to grow as just a few weeks ago, pictures surfaced of Queen Elizabeth showing the deterioration of her health over the past year.

Within the timeline of pictures, we can see that she has had significant weight loss, appears incredibly frail, and is hunched over.

Not to mention the fact that the Queen has missed a number of significant events in the recent past. Some of these events included a Jubilee ceremony as well as the first day of Royal Ascot.

Queen Elizabeth is currently 96-year-old, but despite her age and recent health concerns, she does not seem ready to give up her duties as the monarch altogether.

It’s important to note that the Queen has spent over seven decades on the throne and came unexpectedly into power following the death of her father.

The latest health concerns cite her mobility, as it appears she is having more problems getting around.

Both the people of England and around the world will be incredibly saddened by her passing, as people across the globe are obsessed with the crown.



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