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NY Democrat Turns on Biden, Reveals the Truth on Migrant Crisis

Joe Biden has a significant problem on his hands.

New York Democrats are turning on him regarding the migrant crisis, which means it will finally start getting some press.

They are all out to keep their seats, so if Biden has to be sacrificed, so be it.

Where’s the Leadership

Between the migrants that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent to New York, the ones that were worked in a deal, and the migrants that have come on their own, NYC Mayor Eric Adams says the city is overwhelmed.

Mind you, this is probably still less than Texas sees every week, but Democrats are starting to panic because these migrants are filling up shelters and taking up valuable resources.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) is now in pure panic mode over the idea that Dems could lose seats because of Biden’s immigration policies.

He stated, “I mean, we need leadership from President Biden — period.

“We need that leadership in New York state because New York state is struggling.

“We’re struggling to provide housing and all the support that the migrants need.

“Here’s the thing — Democrats are looking bad right now in New York state and that’s unacceptable when we have to win at least four congressional seats to take back the House, so hopefully the president is listening.”

Keep in mind, Bowman was among those advocating for migrants when this all got started, but now he does not want them because they are coming to his city.

The question that the reporter should have asked is, “So immigrants make Democrats look bad?”

I would have loved to have seen him try to spin that!

Source: Washington Examiner

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