Illegal alien charged with randomly slashing Florida couple's throats as they rode bikes home​

Illegal alien charged with slashing couple’s throats as they rode bikes home​

An illegal alien has been charged in the gruesome stabbing deaths of a married couple who were out riding their bikes in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The GOP Times previously reported:

Florida couple was found dead on the side of the road with their throats slashed and multiple stab wound in what the local police chief said was “one of the most vicious and gruesome incidents” he has ever seen.

In a press release regarding the incident on Monday, March 7th, Daytona Beach Police identified the victims as 48-year-old Terry Aultman and 55-year-old Brenda Aultman.

The married couple had reportedly just moved to the residential beachside area six months prior to the incident and were riding their bicycles back home from Bike Week festivities when they were attacked. They were only a mile away from their home when they were killed.

Police said they received a call about the murder at approximately 2 a.m. on Sunday after a man called 911 informing them that he had come across a man lying face-down on the side of the road and a woman lying face-up near him, both covered in blood. The couple’s two bicycles were discovered lying near their bodies.

“This is probably one of the most vicious and gruesome incidents that I’ve witnessed in my 20 years,” Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young said, according to reporting from local news outlet WESH-TV. “We can’t rule out that this may be totally random, but if it is totally random, the person responsible has to be deranged.”

Since then, authorities in Volusia County have identified, arrested, and charged a suspect: Jean Robert Macean of Orlando.

According to inmate records, Macean, 32, is being held without bond in the Volusia County Jail on two charges of first-degree murder and an additional charge of “illegal immigrant/alien.”

Police previously reported that Macean was from Haiti. But further details about his citizenship/resident status remain unclear.

According to reporting by WESH-TV, Macean was arrested at his apartment in Orlando last Thursday following an intense manhunt. He reportedly confessed to the murders in interviews with the police.

Authorities have revealed that more than 100 tips came in just one day after Daytona Beach Police announced a $50,000 reward for his capture. Police claim that the crime was a random act of violence, as Macean allegedly did not know the victims, and investigators have not found any motive for the crimes.

In a press conference following the suspect’s arrest, Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young said that his heinous crimes are yet another example of the “evil” in the world.

Brenda Aultman’s daughter called Macean a “monster,” and added that her mother was her best friend. She had previously described her mother and her husband as a beautiful, fun, loving couple.

The Aultmans had just moved into the residential beachside area six months prior to their murder, and were reportedly extremely happy just enjoying their life together.

“They walked to the beach every day. It was like their dream house. They bought bicycles. They just bought a Jeep. They were loving it. They loved the neighborhood,” a neighbor recalled.


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