Ghislaine Maxwell Revelations

Ghislaine Maxwell hasn’t been able to use any of her connections or influence to convince a judge to let her out on bail, so she’s whining to the United Nations. Hopefully, her globalist friends like Lynn Forester de Rothschild can get her sprung. At the very least, get her some relief from the torture tactics.

Maxwell wants out

With her sex trafficking trial about to begin, Ghislaine Maxwell has reportedly “asked the United Nations to help get her out of a Brooklyn federal jail.” On Monday, November 22, her high-paid attorneys begged the United Nations to “intervene in her detention at the Metropolitan Detention Center.”

They already tried six times and the judge keeps saying no. Even her jailers think “she’s getting unusually harsh treatment.”

From the comfort of their Paris, France offices, Lawyers for Ms. Maxwell wrote that “it no longer needs to be shown that the brutality of her detention regime is completely gratuitous considering her profile, and that she has significantly less extensive rights than her co-detainees.”

They think the UN will be moved by tales that “some prison officers appear to believe her conditions of detention are more stringent and dehumanizing than those applicable to inmates of MDC’s most supervised, and those sentenced to death for terrorism or murder.”

According to Francois Zimeray and Jessica Finelle, poor Ghislaine Maxwell “undergoes body searches much more frequently and extensively than usual.” The guards seem to enjoy them more than they should. They molest her “up to seven times a day.”

She should consider it a “massage.” Isn’t that what she told the little girls who serviced Jeffrey Epstein, so she didn’t have to? That’s better than what the butler was stuck with. He had to keep the pantry full of Capn’ Crunch and wash the sex toys.

Tortured and abused

Maxwell has been tortured and abused from the moment she was hauled away from where she was tucked away in Bradford, New Hampshire. When the raid went down, the lawmen even terrorized her cat. They spent longer finding it in the woods and taking it into custody as they did Ghislaine. Her lawyers told the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention all about her “solitary confinement in an ‘unsanitary cell,’ which has ‘physically and psychologically weakened’ the Oxford graduate.”

She has a license to pilot submarines for God’s sake, let her free! At least she’s not accused of dismembering anyone. Locking her in solitary makes it harder “for her to prepare her defense,” her defense team argues, from France. Distance between continents is no problem but they can’t get a phone in her cell.

They want the UN to believe that the United States has unfairly “substituted Maxwell for her former flame, Jeffrey Epstein.”

Not quite “flame” more like partner in a blackmail and extortion scheme targeting high profile world leaders. Epstein didn’t hang himself in August of 2019, “while awaiting trial for underage sex trafficking.” The “major security breakdown” will never happen again, they insist. That’s why they’re paying especially close attention to her.

“The relationship she may have had with Jeffrey Epstein years before — regardless of the reality of it, its origin and its duration — as well as her gender.”

“The privileged international family upbringing of Ms. Maxwell and the controversies surrounding her long-dead father, as well as allusions to her oft-mentioned financial position … made her the ideal candidate for this substitute role,” they wrote. This is one trial the public will be glued to.

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